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Cabot Corporation completes Responsible Care 14001 certification for all operating manufacturing sites in China

  5/15/2019 - Boston, MA - Cabot Corporation announced that all four of its operating carbon black and fumed silica manufacturing sites in China have successfully completed the Responsible Care 14001 (RC14001) certification process. RC14001 is the globally recognized gold standard for safety and health, environmental and security management systems established by the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care program. The Cabot China certifications are the first independent third party RC14001 certifications to be recognized by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA), as well as the ACC. Through RC14001 certification, the ACC promotes superior performance and transparency throughout the global chemical industry by encouraging its members to continuously improve internal programs that have a positive impact on commercial partners, employee and contractor safety and health, communities, security and the environment. Cabot is the first chemical manufacturer in China to have successfully certified its manufacturing facilities in accordance with the Responsible Care Management System and RC14001 standard by BSI, the authorized registrar in China. Cabot has completed audits for all four of its operational manufacturing sites in China and is working toward certification of its Shanghai Holding Office and Asia Technology Center (ATC). The company will also seek certification for its sites in Wuhai and Xuzhou, once they are operational. “The chemical industry in China is facing significant challenges, and Cabot believes Responsible Care is a solution to these challenges,” said Jeff Zhu, president, Asia Pacific region. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to hold all of our facilities to the highest standard of safety, health and environmental excellence for our employees, communities and the environment, and our achievement of RC14001 certification in China is the latest example of how we are establishing higher standards for the industry.” The Responsible Care program is a global voluntary initiative under which the chemical industry works to continuously improve and achieve excellence in safety and health, security and environmental performance. The standard promotes accountability and communication with stakeholders about products and processes and requires companies to adopt best practices in the manufacturing and supply of safe and affordable goods that bring real benefits to society. RC14001 certification represents conformance with a robust technical standard that combines the attributes of the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard with safety, health and security to achieve higher overall level of SH&E performance. “We take our leadership in sustainability very seriously and are proud to have achieved this important milestone in our China operations,” said Martin O’Neill, senior vice president, safety, health and environment. “At Cabot, we foster a culture that places the safety of our people, communities and the environment in high regard. We are proud of our colleagues around the world for bringing this mindset to their work each day and helping us advance our commitment to acting in accordance with the principles and best practices of Responsible Care on a global scale.”

Friday, July 19, 2019

Goodyear to report second quarter results July 26 - click to expand

Continental wins design complaint against Heuver Bandengroothandel B.V. - click to expand

Tire Industry Association elects Mason Hess of Purcell Tire & Rubber as board secretary - click to expand

Global liquid silicone rubber market forecast to reach $3.83 billion by 2026 - click to expand

Book of the day: Thermoplastic Elastomers - click to expand

PPG announces a $0.03 per share increase in the company’s dividend - click to expand

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Lubrizol Corporation announces acquisition of Bavaria Medizin Technologie GmbH - click to expand

Tire Industry Association appoints David Zielasko as vice president of marketing and communications - click to expand

Specialty tapes market forecast to reach $59.3 billion by 2024 - click to expand

Continental begins construction of motorcycle tire factory in Thailand - click to expand

Maxxis to open distribution facility near Indianapolis, Indiana - click to expand

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Career fair to be held during the Rubber Division's International Elastomer Conference - click to expand

Goodyear to invest $180 million in North Carolina tire plant - click to expand

Rep International names Jim Wirtz president - click to expand

NBR latex market size is forecast to exceed $2.4 billion by 2025 - click to expand

German RepRap launches 3D printing platform that can print liquid silicone rubber - click to expand

Wacker to showcase novel silicone laminate with electroactive properties at K2019 - click to expand

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Toyo Tire to increase capacity at U.S. tire production facility in Bartow County, Georgia - click to expand

Nitrile butadiene rubber production in North America anticipated to reach 50,000 tons in 2023 - click to expand

Hillenbrand to acquire Milacron in cash-and-stock trade valued at $2 billion - click to expand

Goodyear declares quarterly dividend - click to expand

The International Rubber Study Group (IRSG) announces a call for rubber-related economic research papers - click to expand

Global green tire market forecast with a 20.63 percent CAGR through 2023 - click to expand

Monday, July 15, 2019

Goodyear sends silica science package to the International Space Station - click to expand

Wacker sets benchmarks in multimaterial printing and precision with ACEO technology - click to expand

GRI hires senior industry executive as head of global sales - click to expand

Tokai Carbon CB to increase prices in North America - click to expand

Bridgestone to launch new Blizzak studless winter tire - click to expand

Market Reports

Global farm tire market size is expected to reach $7.01 billion by 2025 - click to expand

Global silicone gel industry forecast at $2 billion by 2025 - click to expand

Asian and Pacific nitrile butadiene rubber market forecast at 820 thousand tons By 2023 - click to expand

Global liquid silicone rubber market is forecast to reach $3.83 Billion by 2026 - click to expand

Specialty tapes market forecast to reach $59.3 billion by 2024 - click to expand

NBR Latex Market size is forecast to exceed $2.4 billion by 2025 - click to expand

Global green tire market forecast with a 20.63% CAGR through 2023 - click to expand

Nitrile Butadiene Rubber production in North America anticipated to teach 50 thousand tons in 2023 - click to expand

Global silicone solutions for leather & textiles market to expand to $760 million by 2025 - click to expand

Global isoprene market is expected to reach $3.97 billion by 2025 - click to expand

Global aircraft pressure-sensitive tape market forecast at $354 million by 2024 - click to expand

Shape memory polymer market forecast with at a CAGR of more than 25% through 2025. - click to expand

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