Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers releases mill safety video

Indianapolis, IN – The Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) is doing everything that it can to help its members bottom line concerns by providing a host of services, products, surveys, networking opportunities, and programs that provide measurable value and often a return on investment. It is in this spirit that ARPM and its membership worked to develop this new Mill Safety video.

“It is our goal to provide as much value to membership as possible,” said Letha Keslar, ARPM’s managing director. “Actually, the organization would not exist if our members weren’t benefiting from their association with us. Gone are the days of being members just to look good on paper.”

Keslar continued, “We want to be partners with our members in advancing the industry and an aid to businesses as much as possible.”  With this in mind, ARPM and its membership identified the need to update and develop new training for mill safety.

Mills have and continue to present a serious danger in the rubber and plastics industry. Fortunately, through changes in work practices, safety engineering controls – such as pressure sensitive body bars and worker training, the incidents of mill nip point accidents have decreased greatly. ARPM’s informative video addresses the basics of mill safety, mill safety at the point of operation in plants, best practices in mill rescue preparation, various sized mills and auxiliary equipment, mill safety equipment, mill reversal, post-accident actions, safety teams and examples of mill safety drills. This revision has been an extensive eighteen-month process, wherein over 18 of ARPM’s member companies reviewed every component of the video to ensure that this training is up to the latest standards,” says Letha Keslar, ARPM managing director. “We could not lead our industry without these companies’ commitments!”
This new ARPM Mill Safety Video, over 100 technical standards, and unlimited ARPM training can be found on the ARPM website at:

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