Repsol to present at IEC on environmentally friendly aromatic extender oils in tire manufacturing

Going under the tradename, EXTENSOIL®, These rubber processing extender oils (“RPOs”) are a key component in varied rubber formulations, particularly tire. European legislation forbids the use of high-polyaromatic RPOs in tire formulations. Many countries and individual rubber manufacturers are now following suit and banning high-polyaromatics from tire and other rubber formulas.  Accordingly, the global rubber industry is looking to use safer EU-approved, environmentally-friendly RPOs such as the EXTENSOIL line

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Goodyear is looking for Highway Heroes

To enter the Goodyear Highway Hero Award program, visit and tell the story of a driver you know who is deserving of the honor via the nomination form. The grand prize winner will be announced in early 2022 and will receive a package that includes a cash prize and trip to Orlando for the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition, which takes place March 8 – 11, 2022. Two finalists will also receive a prize package

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Wallace Instruments launches its next generation compression stress relaxometer

Wallace Instruments, one of the most recognised and trusted brands of testing equipment for the global rubber industry, announces the launch of its next generation Compression Stress Relaxometer – the WAC11 Mk5.

The WAC11 Mk5 allows the operator to easily measure the compression stress relaxation (CSR) characteristics of rubber seals, O-rings and gaskets to international standards to estimate their long-term sealing behavior and predict service life. For safety-critical applications, it is essential that these components, whilst under compression, operate without failure for their expected lifespan. CSR is a measure of the ability of an elastomer to seal efficiently when held in compression over time and in varying environmental conditions and testing is increasingly being added to durability specifications for elastomeric parts used in the automotive, aerospace and construction industries.

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Trelleborg to supply seals to the world’s longest immersed tunnel

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel is an important part of the European transport network, bringing Scandinavia and Central Europe closer together via the so-called North-South corridor. When complete, the tunnel will enable motorists to travel from Rødbyhavn and Puttgarden in just 10 minutes and train passengers in as little as seven minutes, both saving around an hour each way when compared to the current ferry crossing. The construction of the tunnel will challenge the current traffic volumes and thus reduce fuel and carbon emissions.

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DuPont announces virtual power purchase agreement for renewable energy

DuPont announced that it has signed a virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC with a generation capacity of the equivalent of 135 megawatts of new wind energy in Texas. The agreement, subject to customary performance conditions, supports DuPont’s Acting on Climate goal of reducing absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30 percent, including sourcing 60 percent of electricity from renewable energy, by 2030, and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050

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