ChemSpec to distribute Tolsa ADINS specialty product line in the U.S.

Uniontown, OH – ChemSpec has entered into an agreement with Tolsa S.A. to distribute the ADINS specialty products in both Canada and the U.S. Tolsa is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, with offices and production locations across the globe. They are a leader in the extraction, treatment and commercialization of minerals, focused both on advancing technology and sustainability. Tolsa’s ADINS product line consists of flame retardant synergists, biocides and photocatalytic decontamination additives. Tolsa’s tradenames for these products vary by application: ADINS Clay and ADINS Fireproof for flame retardancy consists of its flame retardant synergists/functional fillers; ADINS Protection makes up its biocide products; and ADINS Clean entails its photocatalytic decontamination additive line. These products are geared for use in a variety of manufacturing markets, such as polymer compounding, coatings production and cementitious systems.
ChemSpec is the distributor of ADINS products in Canada. ChemSpec will also become a new distributor of ADINS in the U.S. in elastomer/thermoplastic compounding and coatings production. ChemSpec is a North American specialty chemical distribution firm, working within the industrial polymer compounding and CASE manufacturing markets and the cosmetic ingredients industry. ChemSpec is a subsidiary of Paris-based Safic-Alcan Group, an international specialty chemical distribution company, focusing on both industrial and life science chemistry.

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