DuPont invests to expand DuPont Liveo Healthcare Solutions’ capabilities and capacity worldwide

Wilmington, DE – DuPont announced continued investment in its DuPont Liveo Healthcare Solutions capabilities and manufacturing capacity. Given the recent unprecedented supply chain pressure and market disruption, the company is pursuing execution of its healthcare investment roadmap to meet customer needs and the healthcare industry’s rapid expansion. These investments target specialty healthcare markets, such as medical devices, biopharmaceutical processing and pharmaceutical solutions.

Investments include several Liveo product lines and an expanded geographical manufacturing footprint, specifically: new elastomer mixers at the company’s dedicated Healthcare Industries Materials Site (HIMS) in Hemlock, MI; a new over-molded assembly (OMA) press at HIMS; opening of a new healthcare site for biopharmaceutical processing tubing in Cooper River, SC; and added local manufacturing capabilities in China for biopharmaceutical processing tubing designated for regional sales.

“DuPont is committed to pursuing investments in healthcare capabilities to better serve customers around the world and enable them to grow, innovate and save lives,” said Eugenio Toccalino, global business director, DuPont Healthcare and Specialty Lubricants. “As a result of the global biologic production trend, the reliability and adaptability of single-use components suppliers is more critical than ever. These continued investments are a testament to our long term commitment to the healthcare industry”.

In 2019, DuPont announced its investment in additional medical grade elastomer mixers at HIMS. The new mixers at the Hemlock, MI, site have been installed and will be inaugurated on September 29. They will enable the sustainable growth of the Liveo medical silicone elastomer product lines serving specialty medical device applications, the production expansion of topical formulated excipients and will support expansion of in-house production of Liveo pharmaceutical silicone tubing for biopharmaceutical processing.

New over-molding press capabilities are scheduled to go online at HIMS in November 2021. The new press will allow expanded manufacturing of over-molded assemblies (OMA) that improve high purity fluid transfer and biopharmaceutical processes.

In the second quarter of 2022, DuPont expects to begin to operate a second healthcare site, located in Cooper River, SC. The site will ensure business continuity for customers and offer a highly reliable and sustainable supply of healthcare solutions. Initially, the site will be used to expand production of silicone pharmaceutical tubing intended for biopharmaceutical processing. The Liveo pharma tubing manufactured in Cooper River will meet the same level of quality management and healthcare regulatory compliance as Liveo pharma tubing products manufactured at HIMS.

Additionally, in the second half of 2022, DuPont plans to expand its global manufacturing footprint to better serve customers by adding silicone pharmaceutical tubing production capacity in China dedicated to the region’s fast-growing customers.

The deployment of these multiple investments will contribute to establish a stronger manufacturing footprint to help alleviate pressure on supply chains and help customers grow in their respective markets. DuPont increasingly is committed to serving the healthcare market, offering high quality, high performance solutions; application and material science expertise; and strong regulatory support to address healthcare customers’ specific needs.

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