Dynamic mechanical properties and crosslink density testing of silicone elastomers

By Murat Sen and Davut Aksüt, Hacettepe University, and Nuri Akgerman and Ismail Saltuk, Tavdi.

Material evaluation tests for this article were performed using the recently developed Dynamic Mechanical Yerzley Oscillograph (DMYO). Just like the Yerzley Oscillograph (YO), the DMYO supports the ASTM D945 standard. Its design is an evolution of the YO with additional sensors,
electronic data acquisition and computer control, including automated data evaluation.

Microcomputer aided Yerzley oscillography, AYO-IV, was developed in the mid-1980s. A striking characteristic of AYO-IV is that it can yield the natural frequency of a viscoelastic sample within three seconds. AYO-IV can improve rubber compounding and molding operations with tests conducted
according to the ASTM D945-16 test method. This test machine can also predict the dynamic properties of rubber components and their behavior under dynamic stresses. Elastomer technicians and design engineers would like to know how a component’s dynamic modulus will relate to its static modulus. The latest model DMYO combines a load cell with a displacement transducer to yield a wide range of dynamic, static hysteresis and creep parameters.

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