Elkem Silicones supports the Art Center of Saint-Fons City in France

Lyon, France – Elkem Silicones supports the CAP, Art Center of Saint-Fons city in France, and has responded favorably to the request of the center and the artist and filmmaker Samir Ramdani to participate in the manufacture of a sculptural work in silicones. 

As an economic and historical player in the Lyon region for more than 70 year, Elkem Silicones is committed to a process of listening and exchanging with the stakeholders of the territory, an approach that is more generally part of its sustainable development policy.

The Art Center and the artist asked Elkem Silicones to participate in the project to produce a sculpture that is the central element in the development of the film narrative and the final work of the artist. The project, with the title “Noor” is inspired by the history of the City of Saint-Fons and interpreted through the prism of science fiction.

For almost a year, a relationship was forged between the Saint-Fons Art Center, the film’s production team, the producer Samsha Films, the movie maker and the communication, marketing, industrial and technical support departments of Elkem Silicones to study all possible solutions to carry out the making of the film thus contributing to the local cultural life. This collaboration made the creation of the sculptural work possible thanks to the products supplied by Elkem Silicones.

“The collaboration with Elkem Silicones brought a real added value for the artistic project. The relationship between the company, its technicians and the artist has created the conditions for the transmission of technical know-how necessary for the application in response to specific artistic needs. This has made it possible to create very stimulating interdisciplinary bridges and to forge a solid link between actors in the territory,” says Alessandra Prandin, director of the Art Center.

To define the appropriate silicone solution, technical exchanges took place between artists and experts. They selected a transparent product, which would allow light to penetrate the sculpture, a liquid material with a sufficient setting time to be able to shape it easily.“Artists, sculptors, film decorators, special effects directors who are detail- and authentic-minded like to work with silicones. This material has no equivalent to give life to a human, an animal or a material replica because of its consistency,and its translucent, transparent or tinted appearance,” says Lisbeth Langsager, marketing manager at Elkem Silicones. The detailed program of the exhibition, public opening hours and events are available on the Art Center’s website.

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