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Evonik: Leading beyond Chemistry

Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals. The company is active in more than 100 countries around the world and generated sales of €12.2 billion and an operating profit (adjusted EBITDA) of €1.91 billion in 2020. Evonik goes far beyond chemistry to create innovative, profitable, and sustainable solutions for customers. About 33,000 employees work together for a common purpose: We want to improve life today and tomorrow.

Evonik’s Smart Materials division includes businesses with innovative materials that enable resource-saving solutions and replace conventional materials. They are the smart answer to the major challenges of our time: environment, energy efficiency, urbanization, mobility, and health. It generated sales of €3.24 billion in 2020 with about 7,900 employees.

Silanes is one of the six business lines within the Smart Materials division. It provides its customers with superior silane solutions for the challenges of tomorrow in the ever-changing world of today.

Thanks to its deep understanding of silane chemistry, Silanes is the innovation partner of choice for its customers. It has a uniquely comprehensive range of sophisticated products to offer, which enables customers to achieve higher performance, better effectiveness, and more sustainability thus delivering real value.

Decades of experience and a proven track record of more than 75 years of innovation has made the business line the leading specialist for silanes. In the 1990s, researchers at Evonik discovered that organosilanes act as an outstanding bonding material between silica and rubber and the Silica/Silane system was introduced. Nowadays, the Green Tire is the norm for passenger cars in Europe, but stricter regulations and an increasing consumer desire for more sustainability is globally driving the demand for sustainable solutions in the tire industry. The success story of the Green Tire in the 1990s was based on Si 69®. 50 years after Evonik’s now famous bifunctional, sulfur-containing organosilane for rubber applications entered the market, it remains an innovative product and has been joined by further innovations like Si 363®.

Evonik is the only global supplier offering silica and silanes from a single source. With production sites for rubber silanes across three continents and further technical sites spread across the globe, Evonik Silanes is in a unique position to guarantee local availability and technical support.

Evonik Silanes – Performance beyond expectations