FMi Chemical introduces Thermosil 7005 low-density, heat-resistant silicone sealant

Bloomfield, CT – New Thermosil 7005, from FMi Chemical, is a one-part, low-density, heat-resistant silicone sealant used to form a void-free airtight seal for high-speed turbine blades in jet engines. Ready-to-use, with no mixing or degassing required, Thermosil 7005 facilitates faster throughput in aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, and overhaul operations.

According to FMi, Thermosil 7005 features a securely cross-linked glass-polymer matrix for maximum durability. The product allows turbine blade abrasion without transferring material to the blade surface. Plus, it is free of glass agglomerates that can clog turbine vane cooling holes. Thermosil 7005 is self-leveling, making it ideal for deep-section applications. It has a standard cure cycle of one (1) hour in-mold at 300˚ F. When cured, 7005 maintains optimum elasticity and sealing performance at operating temperatures up to 550˚ F.

FMi states that Thermosil 7005 offers void-filling and sealing solutions for applications where a low-density, flexible, machinable, heat-resistant sealant is required. Thermosil 7005 is non-hazardous and available in one-gallon pails, dispensing gun cartridges, and a range of custom packaging options to meet customer-specific needs.

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