Industry Calendar and Information

March 2021

March 9 - 11

Active Communications International Composites Show

Paris-Nord Villepinte, France
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March 18

Webinar - New methods in Zetpol HNBR curing

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April 2021

April 13 - 16

Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. China Plas

Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center, Shenzhen, China
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April 15 - 17

Indian Rubber Institute, International Rubber Conference (IRC) 2020

Chennai Trade Center, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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August 2021

August 10 - 12

MD&M West

Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California
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November 2021

November 16 - 18

UTECH Europe International Polyurethanes

Masstricht, the Netherlands
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Industry Links

2KM North America Inc.

2KM North America Incorporated was established in 2000. Manufacturer of Metering and Mixing systems for the processing of multicomponent liquid polymers. Sales and Service of all 2KM Products within North America.

Airboss Rubber Compounding

AirBoss is one of North America's leading custom rubber mixers with the capacity to supply over 250 million pounds annually. We continually invest in our manufacturing. Our main facility in Kitchener, Ontario, is supplemented by a state-of-the-art mixing facility in Scotland Neck, North Carolina. AirBoss specializes in rubber compounding including EPDM Rubber, Styrene-Butadiene Rubber, Compression Molding Rubber, CPE Rubber, CBM Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, Buna-N Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, Rubber Calender and Elastomeric Rubber Compounds.

Akrochem Corporation

Akrochem offers one of the broadest lines of materials in the rubber industry. We're immediately recognized for superior colors, but our technical support and our attention to detail make us a reliable and popular source for all compounding needs.

Akron Dispersions, Inc.

providing high quality water-based dispersions and custom processed chemicals

Akron Rubber Developement Lab

Capabilities of Akron Rubber Development Lab's 6 testing facilities

Akzo Nobel

Akzo Nobel has a long and proud tradition in the Chemicals industry and is one of the world’s leading chemicals producers.

APV Engineered Coatings

APV Engineered Coatings custom formulates & manufactures industrial coatings & advanced chemical products out of our state-of-the-art facility in Akron, Ohio

Chem Trend Limited Partnership

The world's largest producer of releasants and lubricants to the rubber, tire, polyurethane, composites, rotation and die casting industries.

Diamond America

Diamond America’s goal is to design quality, reliable, efficient extrusion equipment that meets the unique specifications of each and every customer.

Eagle Elastomer

Eagle Elastomer is focused on manufacturing high quality extruded and calendered fluoroelastomer products. Our product line was expanded to include custom-mixed fluoroelastomer compounds in the mid- 80’s with press-cured fluoroelastomer sheet added in 1990. As an alternative to single press-cured sheets, continuous cured sheet rolls were introduced in 2003.

Endurica LLC

Endurica LLC was founded in 2008 to provide services, technology, and training that accelerate reliable design for elastomer materials and components. We use the Endurica fatigue life prediction code – a patented system for analyzing the effects of multiaxial, variable amplitude duty cycles on elastomers. Endurica is the world’s first code for elastomer fatigue life simulation. We strive to make CAE-based fatigue life prediction for rubber as widely practiced and as well-understood as fatigue life prediction for other materials by empowering materials, component, and system developers with reliable methods and tools for assessing fatigue life. Our solutions help our clients understand and manage the effects on fatigue life of nonlinear material behavior, component geometry, and complex duty cycles. Endurica has served leading companies in the automotive, defense, medical device, offshore, and consumer products.

Finite Fiber

Located in Akron, Ohio, Finite Fiber is a leading source of natural and synthetic cut fibers, pulps and flocks for the rubber and plastics industries.

Firestone Polymers

Firestone Polymers is a global supplier of polymeric materials to the rubber, plastics, adhesive and asphalt markets.

Franklynn Industries - ITW Fluids N.A.

Franklynn Industries - ITW Fluids N.A. provides mold release agents for rubber, composite, urethane and plastic molding applications in a variety of industries. Our mold release agents are known world-wide for application ease, minimal build-up, higher productivity, and lower reject rates.

The French Oil Mill Machinery Co.

French custom designs, manufactures and supports hydraulic presses and polymer dewatering and drying equipment for our production-oriented customers in the field of shaping rubber, thermoplastic, composite and other materials as well as our process-oriented customers in the field of liquid-solid separation. We partner with our stakeholders to provide products with superior value and superior service that improve our customers’ productivity and reduce their overall production costs.

Goldsmith & Eggleton

Goldsmith & Eggleton Incorporated, an employee- owned company, is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of rubber raw materials. Since our founding in 1968 our mission is to provide customers with consistent quality polymers that adhere to specification and provide economic value. G&E's Reliable Polymer Alternatives are used by original equipment manufacturers in a variety of diverse applications. G&E's quality system is registered to ISO 9001: 2000. We supply customers throughout the world from our Processing facility in Wadsworth Ohio. G&E provides the experience of seasoned industry professionals and the commitment of employee owners to continuous improvement.

Gomaplast Machinery

Used/Rebuilt Rubber Machinery

Grieve Corporation

Grieve Corporation provides quality at each and every step of the design and manufacturing process. With CAD/CAM/CAE design equipment and ever-improving manufacturing procedures, we make the very best ovens and furnaces possible.

Guill Tool and Engineering Co.

Extrusion tooling for the rubber and plastics industries.

HallStar Company

HallStar Company is a leading supplier of performance additives to the Polymer and Personal Care industries, worldwide. The Company's products are used extensively in rubber, plastics, adhesives and coatings, selected personal care, and specialized industrial applications.

Harwick Standard Distribution Corporation

We, at Harwick Standard Distribution Corporation, use our thorough knowledge of manufacturing processes, supply availability and current market trends to help our valued customers maximize market opportunities. We understand that loyalty and dedication to our customers' needs are as important as the top quality raw materials we provide.

Hexpol Compounding

HEXPOL Compounding is one of the world’s leading companies in the development and production of advanced, high-quality rubber compounds and is a truly global operating company in this industry. Since recently it is also operating in the market of highly developed TPE compounds due to the acquisition of ELASTO in April 2010.

Hilma Div. of Carr Lane Roemheld

Magnetic mold clamping systems from Hilma are designed specifically for the high temperatures of rubber injection molding machines. The new long pole technology uses double magnets to provide up to 20% more clamping force. The magnetic systems offer quick change of different size molds in three to five minutes, and withstands high temperatures up to 210° (410°F) and is specifically made for rubber injection mold applications.

HM Royal

H.M. Royal supplies the raw materials and specialty chemicals you need to improve performance, lower costs, and operate more efficiently.

Hoosier Racing Tire

Founded in 1957, Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. is the largest race tire manufacturer in the world. Over 1,000 different types of race tires are produced, with all tires manufactured in the United States. Hoosier has expanded their Plymouth, IN manufacturing plant and established Hoosier Custom Manufacturing, offering calendering, gum calendering, rubber mixing, specialty tires, components and engineering/testing services to the market.

Hoosier Custom Manufacturing

Hoosier Custom Manufacturing ( is a division of Hoosier Racing Tire Corp., the largest race tire manufacturer in the world. Hoosier Custom Manufacturing offers calendering, gum calendering, rubber mixing, specialty tires, components and engineering/testing services. Hoosier expanded their Plymouth, IN manufacturing plant to include Hoosier Custom Manufacturing, enabling Hoosier Racing Tire to outpace current production demands and provide ample capacity for future growth and custom mixing opportunities. Multiple mixing lines are available with each offering its own opportunities for specific mixing applications. A variety of equipment is also available for custom calendering. The company’s four-roll inclined “Z” calender handles calendered fabric widths from 30” to 59”. Non-reinforced gum calendering is provided from an extrusion-fed calender line. Several engineering/testing services are offered including multiple test wheel/dynamometers, tire load deflection machine, tire uniformity grading, state-of-the-art x-ray capabilities, shearography and compound development and compound analysis. Hoosier Tire was founded in 1957 by Robert and Joyce Newton, who began producing race tires by re-treading street tires with softer compounds. The Hoosier Tire business, and reputation for quality race tires, grew from there and today Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. is the largest race tire manufacturer in the world. Over 1000 different types of race tires are produced, with all tires manufactured in the United States.

Hydratecs Injection Equipment

Experts in rubber injection systems.

Interbusiness USA, Inc.

Interbusiness Group is a UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified leader in the manufacture and distribution of INTERCURE® accelerators, vulcanizing agents and curing agents for special elastomers. Family-owned and founded in 1985 to cater to a niche market, we are headquartered in Milan, Italy (Interbusiness S.r.l.), with a technical operations facility in Brindisi, Italy (IB Chem S.r.l.), and a network of globally positioned independent distributors. Our sister company in New York (INTERBUSINESS U.S.A., INC.) distributes throughout North America. Interbusiness is dedicated to excellence in products and services, manufacturing efficiencies, quality systems, increasing value to our customers, and environmental protection.

Jing Day Machinery

Jing Day Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. is a supplier of total rubber and silicon molding machine and related solutions for our global clients. We are committed to design, fabrication (manufacturing), marketing and all services related to rubber and silicon molding machine, our most popular models being the auto-production of rubber molding machines. Our most specialty expertise is in vertical injection molding machines and hydraulic molding machines.

Kayton Industry Co

Kayton Industry Co Ltd. started in 1992, is the leading manufacturer of tire-making machine and other rubber products related machinery in Taiwan. We recruit our staff from the largest tire producers, thus assuring a cadre of experienced personnel that is able to transfer their expertise of making tires to creating best tire-making machinery. Our machines are designed with the best user experience in mind, so that the speedy production can go alongside high performance, precision and advanced technologies. Our mission is to let tire makers produce high quality tires, that will endure harshest conditions for the wholesome of their long life cycle. In 2009 Kayton entered the European market, after acquiring CE certification and fast gained recognition as a high quality supplier with machines that are effective and easy to use. At present, our machines are used by companies leading manufacturing EU countries such as Germany and France. Kayton is also present on many important rubber markets around the world, such as: Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, etc. Our quality can best be verified by continuous approval and stable orders from Continental, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Toyo, Bando, NOK, Synztec, Inoue, Nishikawa, Nitta and more.


Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc. provides products for the Polymer Industry. We are a world leader in organometallic Ken-React® coupling agents with over 200 global patents having been filed over the past four decades covering titanate, zirconate and aluminate technology to create better sustainable products for our customers.

Maplan Machinery + Planning

Your Partner for rubber injection moulding machines, represented in N.A. by Starlinger N.A. Inc.


Corporate profile, Team McLube Saikote, Mold Release, Industrial Lubricants and More.

Polymer Valley Chemicals, Inc.

Polymer Valley Chemicals, Inc. was founded in Akron, Ohio in 1986. Dedicated to serving the rubber and plastic compounding and mixing markets with quality mineral fillers and carbon blacks, the company has expanded rapidly to meet the needs of the customer.


RDAbbott is a full-service, North American supplier that’s staffed with rubber industry experts, equipped with a comprehensive testing laboratory, and stocked with premium elastomer products in warehouses strategically located throughout North America.

RE Carroll, Inc.

R. E. CARROLL, INC. is a reliable distributor and re-packager dedicated to maintaining quality at all levels of our organization. Since 1925, R. E. Carroll, INC provides the rubber industry, with quality raw materials, fillers, extenders and petroleum products in a timely and dependable manner.

Release Coatings of NY

Release Coatings of NY began serving the worldwide rubber and plastic industry in 1983 producing innovative release agents, which includes environmentally safe water-based products using specialized chemistries.

Reliable Rubber & Plastic Machinery Company

Reliable designs, manufactures and rebuilds machinery that endures.

REP Corp.

By combining REP injection technology and SACOMAT moulding technology today the REP GROUP is in the perfect position to solve the numerous problems involved in rubber moulding: small to very large runs, frequent production, changes, complex parts, new materials, composite parts, automation, etc.

Rex Gauge Company

Rex Gauge has been specializing in quality durometers for over 50 years. We pride ourselves in the fact that Rex durometers are easy and convenient to use as well as durable and extremely accurate. Our personnel are truly professionals in their trade, as is evident in the fine workmanship and quality that go into each gauge - from the first calibration to the final approval before delivery to the customer.

The Rubber Division, ACS

The Rubber Division, ACS's mission is to expand the elastomeric profession and individual development through educational, technical and interactive activities.

Sid Richardson

The quality of your product depends on the quality of ours—and we’ve been perfecting ours for the past 62 years. Carbon black is one of the darkest and most finely divided materials known. We carefully produce it in varying aggregate size and structure, allowing our 30 different grades of blacks to be used in solving a variety of application challenges—even yours.

Soucy Techno Inc

For the past 20 years, Soucy Techno inc. has specialized in the production of rubber compounds as well as colour concentrates based on polyethylene. The company has grown continuously owing to the quality of its products and the active participation of its employees. Soucy Techno's mixing operations are located in an 80,000 square feet plant, and the equipment consists of Banbury-type mixers for rubber and plastic, calendars, extruders, and mills.

Sprinter Marking

Sprinter Marking is an industry leader in automatic ink code-marking machines. Sprinter Marking manufactures a range of machines models that automatically ink code-mark message sizes up to 2 square inches on a wide range of pourous and non-pourous surfaces. These machines are very small in physical size, yet are built for rugged industrial operation and are capable of high speed imprinting on a continuous basis. The machines can be mounted on existing in-line production or assembly lines and are also available for off-line operations as a complete system in the benchmount or benchtop units.

Struktol Company of America

A global company with more than a century of specialty chemical expertise. Struktol Company of America, a force in North America for almost thirty years with production, technical, and support staff to meet the market needs of the polymer industry. Quality additives for performance that are produced to a quality managed system that meets ISO 9001 standards, the most comprehensive standard that is accepted worldwide.

TA Instruments

TA Instruments reputation for high technology products, quality manufacturing and unbeatable after sales support is why more customers recommend TA products to their colleagues around the world. TA Instruments is the only thermal analysis, rheology, microcalorimetry, and mechanical analysis supplier recognized worldwide for our prompt, courteous and knowledgeable service staff.

TMP, A Division of French

TMP Inc., A Division of French engineers and manufactures technologically advanced hydraulic presses from 5 to 3,000 tons for compression, lamination, transfer and vacuum molding. In addition to the extensive line of hydraulic presses and rubber mixing systems, TMP services machines and offers machine rebuilding, which invariably includes upgrades, higher automation, improved product quality and process control. Owned by The French Oil Mill Machinery Company, TMP is internationally recognized for building high-performance machinery. Leading rubber industry companies in more than 1,500 locations in over 16 countries rely on TMP molding and mixing systems to meet their objectives for product quality and process efficiency with lower life cycle costs.

Troester Machinery Ltd.

Leading tire manufacturers all over the world depend on TROESTER's Expertise and Experience. Wide ranging innovation and continual technical development have enabled TROESTER to become one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of complete lines for the production of car and truck tire components.

Tung Yu

Tung Yu specializes in the manufacture and distribution of rubber and silicon compression, injection molding machines, conveyor belt compression, tire retreading compression, solid tire machines, and hydraulic machines. They have recently expanded their business from rubber industry to other realms such as the consumer electronic industry as well as aeronautics, photoelectric, medical,and composite materials.


U-CAN DYNATEX INC. is a leading worldwide supplier of analytical instruments and testing equipment for polymer industries. The company's first major product, the Rheometer, is primarily used to detect physical property changes induced in polymer materials by chemical reactions during processing. This is a high-tech business that demands professional expertise and precision in areas such as mechanical design and control, sensing signal acquisition and processing, electronic circuit design, analytical software programming, and chemical interpretation of changes in physical properties. Due to the need for cross-sectoral operational integration, U-CAN has established a strong, innovative technical team that strives to meet the needs of customers through continuous research and development.

UTH GmbH Machinery

UTH is the pioneer in the field of gear pump technology for particularly gentle rubber processing and highly specialized in fine mesh straining applications. For more than 35 years we have been developing cutting-edge solutions and innovative technologies based on the modular roll-ex® system which enables individual solutions - for specific requirements of the rubber, tire and silicone industry. Precise extrusion and fine mesh straining are our core competencies, where we have been supplied hundreds of successful solutions for the rubber industry worldwide: be it machinery for serial production, system solutions or special, customized machinery. The proven roll-ex® technology is used in the mixing line for final compound and masterbatch, offline complete straining cells, in the extrusion line and rework area. Our range of intelligent upstream and downstream equipment, which enables seamless implementation in all line sizes, is complemented by a comprehensive worldwide after-sales service.

Valley Processing

For all your custom mixing and calendering needs.


Tire assembly, tire components, tire testing, tire curing and rubber compound handling. VMI with plants in Europe, North America and East Asia is the world's leading supplier to the manufacturers of radial passenger tires, light truck tires, all steel radial truck and bus tires and off-the-road tires.

Wabash MPI

Wabash MPI is a major domestic USA manufacturer of many types of machines and hydraulic presses for rubber and plastics production as well as research. Wabash MPI is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Wacker Silicones Corp.

A leading manufacturer of silicone fluid products, heat-curable rubber and room temperature vulcanizing elastomers sold primarily to domestic industries.

Zeon Chemicals

As specialists in polymers for the elastomer and plastics industry, our focus never wavers. And as a result, we are leading the industry forward through innovative technology and solutions, dedication to customer satisfaction and a commitment to the industry itself.