International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers publishes the 2022 edition of worldwide rubber statistics

Houston, TX —The International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers (IISRP) has published the 2022 edition of Worldwide Rubber Statistics, the world’s leading source for authoritative data about synthetic rubber.
This edition of the publication, which has been published annually for more than 30 years, has revisions to elastomer plant capacities as the synthetic rubber market continues to be dynamic. Additionally, IISRP’s Chinese office has played a key part in this publication to enhance the intelligence on the Chinese market.
Beginning with the 2021 edition, the publication is only available electronically on an annual membership basis. The new format enables real-time updates.
The publication provides a comprehensive analysis of capacity by elastomer type, by geographical distribution, and by corporate ownership. It also features a graphics section that emphasizes statistics in an easy-to-read format and a section on capacities of synthetic rubber production facilities throughout the world, including a section on planned and announced expansions of synthetic rubber plants. Finally, we have added a summary of changes, with the purpose to provide a broad overview of the key updates.

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