MonTech re-vamps hydraulic lab press product line

Buchen, Germany – MonTech continues to put product advancements at the forefront of it’s mission. Instrument trends come and go, and in many industry circumstances, the engineering remains the same. To meet the growing demand of new lab presses, MonTech has applied advanced technologies into their designs to further solidify their standing as the leader in rubber lab press engineering. 

MonTech is the fastest growing rubber testing instrument supplier in the world. Primary product lines include rheometers (MDR, RPA), Mooney Viscometers, Physical testing instrument, and are continuing to advance in rubber lab press sales. MonTech has sold thousands of lab presses globally.

The demands of rubber laboratories come in all shapes and sizes. With increases in production capacity comes an increased importance in reliable quality checks to ensure consistent products are delivered to the market. Herein lies importance the press’ ability to create the appropriate samples for physical testing or otherwise. R&D trends point to the value of temperature uniformity and increased press customization, especially for sensitive materials. This has always made the lab press one of the most fundamental machines for advancing both QC and R&D endeavors.The combination of the press structure with heating systems, hydraulic systems, position measurement, and safety devices come into play to further prove the robustness of press engineering. Only the highest quality components are used in MonTech presses to ensure all systems work in unison to produce the most uniform results, applying automation when necessary. All presses are designed specifically for rubber applications according to ASTM D 3182 and ISO 2393.  The two aforementioned test standards require presses to have to have strict platen parallelism, specific closing force, thermal distribution and temperature accuracy. The degree of customization sometimes needed is pushing for newly engineered options.

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