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Endurica software release features aging simulation for elastomers

  10/16/2020 - Findlay, OH - The October release of Endurica’s durability simulation software features a new capability to define aging behavior for a material and to calculate the effects of heat exposure history on part durability. According to company founder and president, Dr. Will Mars, “This is a feature that was developed and validated over the last few years in partnership with one of our Tier 1 automotive OEM users for an application where long-term exposure to high temperatures was leading to early part failures.” The aging feature lets users define tabular master curves that define the evolution of key material properties such as stiffness, critical tearing energy and intrinsic strength (i.e., fatigue threshold). The simulation uses the Arrhenius law to calculate the relative aging rate as a function of temperature, and it then integrates to find equivalent exposure time for each element in the finite element model. The simulation captures time-dependent changes in the fatigue crack growth rate law. It can also be coupled to a finite element solver to update stress and strain fields during the solution. Two new outputs for each element are included with the aging feature: age-equivalent time and age-influenced stiffness. As always, the fatigue life distribution can also be output to determine the shortest-lived element. “This is one of our most significant developments to date because aging impacts so many applications,” said Mars. “If there is a big temperature difference, or if their is significant self-heating, and if your part is expected to have long-term endurance, this feature is a real game-changer in terms of your ability to predict durability performance. We see this being used for tires, seals, rubber parts operating near motors, and high pressure/high temperature (HPHT) applications in the oil and gas field. We are very excited to finally launch this capability.” The release also includes a file encryption feature that allows users to share all or part of the simulation input without giving away details like material properties or specific load cases. It also includes a binary-formatted input file that can speed up read/write time by a factor of eight, as well as improvements to the EIE interpolation engine.

Friday, October 23, 2020

HF Mixing Group aligns top management structure - click to expand

Goodyear to announce third quarter results - click to expand

ARP Materials aids in transition from lead-based to environmentally preferred Chemlok products - click to expand

ARDL adds equipment to expand thermal conductivity capabilities - click to expand

Book of the Day - Rubber Extrusion Technology Short Course Notes - click to expand

International Elastomer Conference closes today; virtual access available through January 20, 2021 - click to expand

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Brazilian automotive tire market projected to reach $2.05 billion by 2027 - click to expand

Tire demand in Asia to reach $97.4 billion in 2020 - click to expand

Arlanxeo to sell olefins business to Mitsubishi. - click to expand

International Elastomer Conference continues today; Technical Meeting and Educational Symposium proceed - click to expand

ARDL enhances viscoelastic and fatigue analysis capabilities - click to expand

Magna Tyres launches portal for EU market - click to expand

KnowHow Webinars offers membership opportunities - click to expand

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

LabsCubed opens production facility in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - click to expand

Henkel and Carbon combine materials and printing expertise for high performance additive manufacturing - click to expand

ACE Products & Consulting appoints international marketing partner - click to expand

TA Instruments introduces high performance rheometers - click to expand

ARDL adds equipment to expand thermal conductivity capabilities - click to expand

MonTech offers optional low viscosity and ultra low viscosity torque transducers - click to expand

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

MonTech’s MCool -40°C chiller option increases range for low temperature RPA testing - click to expand

Department of Commerce delays publication of results of anti-dumping investigation into light tires from Korean, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan - click to expand

IMCD U.S. opens headquarters in greater Cleveland area - click to expand

International Elastomer Conference continues today; Get Involved session held - click to expand

Yokohama Rubber unifies off-highway tire operations under global entity - click to expand

TA Instruments introduces multi-sample Discovery X3 differential scanning calorimeter - click to expand

ARDL expands rubber testing capabilities to include SAE J1402 - click to expand

Davis-Standard presents free webinar on Evolution and Advancements in Technology - click to expand

Monday, October 19, 2020

Desma extends digital exhibition XpertForum until October 30 - click to expand

Solvay inaugurates second bio-based solvent plant in Brazil - click to expand

Nokian's Tennessee tire factory earns LEED v4 Silver certification - click to expand

Nexen updates winter tire line for Europe - click to expand

Tyrata begins IntelliTread Drive-Over System shipments to Japan - click to expand

Global silicones market will grow by $5.46 billion through 2024 - click to expand

Market Reports

Tire demand in Asia to reach $97.4 billion in 2020 - click to expand

Brazil automotive tire market is projected to reach $2.05 billion by 2027 - click to expand

Global Silicones Market will grow by$5.46 billion through 2024 - click to expand

Global polymer emulsion market forecast to reach $38.1 billion by 2025 - click to expand

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