Rameckers Group takes over TSM Rubber and Flocking Machines

Nettetal, Germany – The third generation family company, the Rameckers Group, has been successfully producing vulcanization systems and supplementary machines for the rubber processing industry “made in Germany” for over 45 years.

In addition to the machines of the Gerlach Maschinenbau brand (www.gerlach-machinery.com), the product range of TSM Rubber and Flocking Machines (www.tsm-tec.com) is now also part of the production spectrum.

TSM, founded in 2005 by Georg Tsivikis, is a well-known German supplier of machines and systems for the silicone and rubber processing industry.

The TSM product range includes almost all essential machines for equipping a complete extrusion and vulcanization line for the continuous production of elastomer seals. In addition to extruders, vulcanization and flocking machines, other supplementary machines are available that TSM has successfully supplied to global customers in the automotive industry and various other branches of industry.

With the takeover of TSM Rubber and Flocking Machines, the Rameckers Group has been the new owner of TSM since July 1, thus expanding its range of production and delivery.

The Rameckers Group has modern in-house production, a team of engineers and technicians, and its own research and development department. In the in-house research and laboratory center, the Rameckers Group offers close-to-series customer tests on the laboratory line; at the same time, future-oriented innovations are tested with scientific partners in the research center and developed through to series production.

In addition to machines such as extruders, infrared systems, shock channels, microwave systems, hot air systems, cooling channels and environmental systems, energy-efficient complete lines with line control and additional surface finishing such as flock can now be offered.

Several thousand machines have been installed around the world and are successfully operating in the automotive, transportation, water treatment, piping and medical industry.

The standard scope of delivery includes, of course, modern remote maintenance solutions such as app-based support or smart glasses; these also simplify machine commissioning and create rapid service readiness and customer proximity.

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