Shin-Etsu develops new vulcanization type of one-component liquid silicone rubber

Tokyo, Japan – Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., has developed a new series of products, the KCP Series, a new vulcanization type of one-component liquid silicone rubber.

One-component liquid silicone rubber cures at room temperature by reacting to the atmospheric humidity. After curing, because it has superior combined characteristics, including heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance and outstanding electrical properties, it is used as adhesive/sealing materials and coating materials in such products as component parts for electric vehicles (EV), semiconductors, and electric/electronics. Furthermore, because it cures at room temperature, it is not necessary to have a heating furnace and ultraviolet (UV) irradiation equipment. Accordingly, these new products will contribute to reducing environmental impact.

The KCP Series of products are a type that releases cyclopentanone at the time of the curing reaction. This new product series will meet the expectations of our customers with its improved vulcanization characteristics, higher level of safety and excellent handleability compared to existing products. The main characteristics of these new products are as follows:

1: The vulcanization speed is fast and also the adhesion develops quickly, and thus work efficiency improves. The tack-free time of KCP-102 is 3 minutes, ½ of the time of the existing KE-4898-W product.

2: The odor that is generated at the time of curing is lower, and has a higher level of safety.

3: Because the ignition temperature is high, at more than 70 ℃, the handling time and effort needed during the time of transport and storage can be reduced.

4: It exhibits good adhesion with various resins and also there are almost no corrosive effects on metals.

There are 3 products lined up in the KCP Series according to their viscosity index: KCP-100 (low viscosity), KCP-101 (mid-viscosity) and KCP-102 (paste type). All of them are tube-type, and one can work simply by pushing the contents out from the tube-type container. Going forward, Shin-Etsu Chemical will continue to strive to meet the requests of our customers and develop products that have various added functions as we work to expand the line-up of our products.

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