MonTech goes green with 100 percent energy self-sufficiency

Following the initial global pushes for sustainability, MonTech GmbH began implementing its first factory upgrades to incorporate green technologies in 2007. Upgrades began small with solar panels and focusing on sourcing energy only from renewable sources with the goal of eliminating harmful emissions. Further expansions enabled the implementation of geo-thermal energy collection, and intelligent building and manufacturing control systems for energy optimization.

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MonTech offers free e-guide to laboratory press design

MonTech Rubber Testing Solutions offers its free e-guide: The Official Lab Manager’s Guide to Lab Press Design. When designing a new rubber or silicone laboratory press, one needs to ask the right questions. This downloadable guide teaches readers how to build a laboratory press with their application, production and safety requirements in mind. The e-guide outlines key points to consider, including footprint design; specific application options; increasing production capacity; and user ergonomics and safety

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MonTech re-vamps hydraulic lab press product line

MonTech continues to put product advancements at the forefront of it’s mission. Instrument trends come and go, and in many industry circumstances, the engineering remains the same. To meet the growing demand of new lab presses, MonTech has applied advanced technologies into their designs to further solidify their standing as the leader in rubber lab press engineering

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