Apollo Tyres to ‘AVOLVE’ towards servitisation

Gurgaon, India – Apollo Tyres launched ‘AVOLVE’, to integrate mobility service business model into its operations. This Servitisation model would offer tailored solutions to the targeted customers, especially commercial vehicle fleet operators, and improve their operational efficiencies evolving their business to the next level.

In today’s environment, commercial fleet operators are confronted with many challenges of increasing complexity. AVOLVE, with its’ innovative mobility services and solutions, will partner with fleets to overcome their challenges and evolve their business towards sustainable growth.

This mobility services business offers a bouquet of offerings to the customers to choose from. Customers can pick the basic ‘Digital Edge’, which is a digitised tyre management application under AVOLVE, to get end-to-end tyre data and analytics, to make informed decisions for higher yields and potential costs savings. Under ‘Expert Advisory’ services AVOLVE provides Tyre Experts who offer valuable information for right solutions and maintenance practices to the customers. The ‘Anywhere Connected services’ helps the customers with enhanced uptime and safety, driving up their profitability with preventive maintenance services offered via India’s largest certified service network of Apollo Tyres.

Speaking at the launch of AVOLVE, Neeraj Kanwar, Vice Chairman and MD, Apollo Tyres Ltd, said “There is a huge shift towards ‘Productisation of Services’ business model, and, being the leaders in the Indian Tyre Industry, we are pioneering this in India to increase the operational efficiencies of our customers — the large fleet operators. We will now be selling the products (tyres) and services separately, or bundled together, to our customers. The key enablers for us in this Servitisation journey, would be new-age digital technologies like Cloud, IoT, AI and ML, Sensors and 5G-enabled wireless communications.”

The comprehensive customised services from Apollo Tyres, for the large fleets nationwide, would be brand agnostic. Company has developed a new application, AVOLVE, for transparent data driven insights, and to ensure efficient fleet operations for the customers. The application developed by KT Telematics Solutions, will help digitise the data related to the trucks/fleets, and for tyre lifecycle management.

Satish Sharma, President, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA), Apollo Tyres Ltd said, “The success of the pilot initiative on service business model, has given us the confidence to enrol more fleets, and similarly, we have been receiving requests from the fleets to get them on board. The initial data, from the 1500-1600 odd trucks (around 11,000 tyres) whom we have onboarded, suggests that we have been able to improve the operational efficiencies of the fleet operators by 10 – 15%. Considering that tyres are the third or fourth highest contributor to fleet owners’ operational cost, after fuel, road taxes and labour, the cost savings can be significant in the long run.”

AVOLVE will continuously work on tech innovation and with service partners to develop right value propositions, enhancing business productivity and profits, solving complex challenges, real-time analytics and enhanced user experiences. This is in line with the increasing shift towards a combination of intelligent products and innovating digital services.