Simulated Service Test: The Way To Predict The Expectation Of Thermal Insulation Coatings Based On Liquid Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber has decades of field history in high temperature automotive uses, exterior glazing and fenestration, and other demanding applications, but is only recently being used for passive thermal insulation coatings on various subsea structures in oil and gas production.

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Functionalization Of Hydrogenated Styrene Block Copolymers By Reactive Extrusion

Reactive extrusion is an attractive route for polymer processing to carry out various reactions, including polymerization, grafting, branching and functionalization. The extruder is like an ideal reactor for polymer chemical modification. Reactive extrusion is an economically attractive process, since the extrusion and processing are done in a single stage.

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Challenges In Extrusions Met With Branched, High Molecular Weight Keltan 13561C EPDM

Keltan 13561C was introduced as the premier EPDM grade for extruded seals. It has quickly become apparent that the unique combination of the grade’s characteristics makes this material one of the principal tools for other applications. The very high molecular weight and long chain controlled branching drive economical compounding and enhanced processing. Hose formulations can benefit from these characteristics.

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