Ansell receives the highest recyclability certification from Institut Cyclos-HTP

Ansell has received the highest recyclability certification by Institut Cyclos-HTP (CHI), a globally recognized organization that assess and certifies the recyclability of packaging and goods, confirming a AAA rating for the SMART Pack™ packaging for surgical gloves. This AAA rating further affirms Ansell’s commitment to lead sustainable packaging design through its SMART Pack™ initiative which begun in 2016.

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Automation reduces scrap in the tire industry

The increasing focus on sustainability, combined with high energy prices, means that energy efficiency is more important than ever. The benefit of Cimcorp’s robotic technology in terms of energy use is tangible, as the company’s gantry robots feature low energy consumption. With the structure of each gantry robot formed from aluminum, they are lightweight yet robust. As the robots are not heavy, they accelerate and move fast, optimizing all the potential handling capacity for products moved in the distribution center.

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