May 2024

The May issue of Rubber World Magazine is now available Online.

In this issue:

Enhancing extruded automotive door seals
by Joe Bencsik, Cassie Gage, Anthony Cervi and David Bareich, G. Bareich Import-Export (GBIE).
Friction induced noise in automotive door seals is mitigated with highly durable water-based coatings having a low coefficient of friction. Read

An investigation of EPDM rubber compound stability
by Brett Sherren, Ester Manalili and Steven Yu, AirBoss of America.
A design of experiments (DOE) on two EPDM rubber extrusion compounds identifies to what degree properties are influenced by mixing drop temperature, milling time and mill temperature. Read

Tire curing bladder technology
by Doug Paschall, Adel Halasa and Brendan Rodgers, Akron Polymer Solutions.
Improved quality compounds using optimized grades of compounded butyl rubber, conductive carbon blacks and resin vulcanization systems have contributed to incremental improvements in tire curing bladder performance, allowing optimization of bladder gauge and dimensions to facilitate rapid heat flow into the curing tire. Read

Quantification of sulfur distribution on rubber surfaces via μ-x-ray fluorescence analysis
by S. Frosch and V. Herrmann, Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt; and F. Grunert and A. Blume, University of Twente.
A measurement technique makes it possible to scan surfaces of several cm2 to show the distribution of different chemical elements. Read

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