Silicone rubber from plant based materials

Industrial grade silicone rubber compounds whose precursors are derived from plant based raw materials will be introduced by Wacker at K 2022, the international trade fair for plastics and rubber taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany, October 19- 26. Wacker will unveil several biomethanol based product lines under the Elastosil eco umbrella, including one liquid and six solid silicone rubber grades, as well as selected Silmix silicone rubber compounds.

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Wacker announces expansion of silicone production facilities in Charleston, Tennessee

Wacker Chemie AG is preparing to build a new silicone production complex at its Charleston site in the US state of Tennessee. The Munich-based chemical group has already started a feasibility study. In a first step, it is planned to build production plants for high-consistency silicone rubber and silicone sealants, used, for example, in construction applications. In addition, plants are to be built for the manufacture of intermediates

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Surface modification of aluminum trihydroxide to enhance arc and acid resistance of silicone compounds

High temperature vulcanization (HTV) silicone rubber is the polymer of choice with regard to housing material for high voltage applications. The requirements are challenging due to harsh environmental conditions like UV irradiation, humidity, industrial pollution, etc. The tracking and erosion performance of the compound needs to be evaluated to ensure the long term performance of the high voltage insulator. Another key aspect to increase the durability of the insulator is the resistance against nitric acid, as this is formed by a combination of unavoidable corona discharges in overhead power lines and atmospheric humidity.

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Evaluation of crosslinking coagents in HCR silicone

CR silicone՚s unique properties allow it to be used in many niche ways. These unique properties include temperature stability, weatherability, compatibility and processing ease. Silicone has a very low starting durometer in its raw state. High levels of reinforcing filler are typically needed to obtain high durometer specifications. Additionally, physical properties of silicone are generally lower than most other elastomers. This can often cause difficulties in meeting tear, modulus, compression set or dynamic property application requirements. Application segments for silicone include automotive, wire and cable, architectural,
aerospace, consumer products and medical devices.

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Trelleborg’s iCast LSR speeds small batch product development

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is supporting manufacturers with iCast™ LSR, a new fast and flexible digital manufacturing process for product development and small batch production of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) parts.
Trelleborg’s unique iCastTM LSR process offers a cost-effective way for manufacturers to develop product variations or try out different design concepts before investing in serial production tools. In addition, the process enables the start of pre-series and series production with small batches, to close the gap between low and high-volume production.

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M. Holland establishes new healthcare packaging line card

M. Holland’s Healthcare and Packaging groups will offer consulting services to clients, giving them access to dedicated engineers and packaging specialists who can guide technical resin selection to meet regulatory and mechanical requirements. Further, the company will offer new technologies to reduce cost, custom compounding services and expert consultation for integrated, end-to-end solutions that help ensure supply chain security and diversification

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