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Tubing die reconfigures internal chambers

Guill Tool has achieved a series of successes in the areas of multi-layer dies and, most recently, a reciprocal tubing die for wound draining that reconfigures the internal chambers of the tubing to accommodate drainage. Drain tubes can be inserted prophylactically to prevent or remove the accumulation of fluid in a wound. Alternatively, such tubing can also be therapeutically inserted to evacuate an existing collection of fluid in a wound.

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Metallurgical grade silicon metal and silicone rubber: A matter of national security

Metallurgical grade silicon metal (SiME) is essential to the production of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) silicone rubber, a material that is indispensable to modern life. As this article will show, metallurgical grade SiME, and not simply silicon, belongs on the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Critical Materials List because of its importance to national security. Currently, the DOE’s Critical Materials List includes “silicon,” a term that is overly broad because it also includes elemental silicon and polysilicon.

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Wacker to showcase silicone products for medical applications at COMPAMED

At this year’s COMPAMED medical technology trade show, WACKER is showcasing a range of silicone products for medical applications. One of the highlights is the highly adhesive silicone gel SILPURAN® 2124 which is making its debut at the trade fair. This silicone adhesive is suitable for producing adhesive layers required for atraumatic wound dressings and for fixing so-called wearables and other devices worn on the skin. Also in the spotlight is a selection of ELASTOSIL® eco solid and liquid silicone rubber grades, which are produced on the basis of biomethanol by a resource-efficient process. The company will also present ELASTOSIL® LR 3078 liquid silicone rubber, which is self-adhesive to polycarbonate and other high-performance plastics. COMPAMED takes place from November 13 to 16 as part of the MEDICA trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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Formlabs introduces Silicone 40A resin for 3D printing

Silicone 40A Resin combines the material properties of cast silicone with the flexibility of 3D printing to eliminate the labor-intensive molding and casting processes, while enabling design freedom. With this patent-pending Pure Silicone Technology™, users can print 100% silicone parts with complex geometries that are not possible with traditional methods — in-house, in a matter of hours. Silicone 40A Resin can be used for soft, pliable, and durable parts that can withstand repeated cycles of stretching, flexing, and compression, for functional prototyping and end-use part production. This material creates parts with excellent chemical and thermal resistance, perfect for automotive and industrial applications as well as consumer products such as wearables or medical devices.

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