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Sumitomo Rubber develops new technique for predicting tire noise

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. has announced the development of a new technique for predicting noise resulting from the combined vibration of tires and vehicles. Employing a tire rolling motion simulation, the method allows both tire and vehicle manufacturers to reduce product-generated noise. This reduction enhances passenger comfort and shortens delivery time by minimizing development hours and physical prototypes. The company plans to address various user needs, including model-based tire and vehicle development, while promoting environmentally friendly tire solutions.

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Carbon Black, Silica & Reinforcing MaterialsNewsrss1

CSRC partners with SHEICO to establish largest eco-friendly carbon black plant in North America

The board of directors of CSRC group approved a plan to partner with Eco Infinic Co., Ltd., a Thailand subsidiary of SHEICO group. The partnership aims to invest in the recovered carbon black (rCB) business at the original site of Continental Carbon Company (CCC) Phenix plant, jointly developing the North American market for recovered carbon black. This new plant is scheduled to commence production in 2026, and expected to become one of the largest recovered carbon black plants in North America.

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