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ACE Laboratories completes installation of its new wiper blade testing system

ACE Laboratories has announced another new testing capability. This latest addition provides the ability to test and analyze windshield wiper blades and wipe systems.
The custom engineered testing system allows ACE to include energy consumption analysis as part of the testing protocol in addition to traditional durability analysis. ACE’s testing system also allows for customization to nearly all windshield types with angle and pressure controls to ensure testing is completed according to OEM specifications.

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency issues new rules for chloroprene emissions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a final rule that will significantly reduce toxic air pollution from chemical plants, including ethylene oxide and chloroprene. Once implemented, the rule will reduce both EtO and chloroprene emissions from covered processes and equipment by nearly 80%. A requirement for these facilities to conduct fence line monitoring for key toxic chemicals is included, and EPA will make the data publicly available to better inform and safeguard nearby communities.

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Harvard researchers increase fatigue threshold of reinforced rubber

Researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have increased the fatigue threshold of particle-reinforced rubber, developing a new, multiscale approach that allows the material to bear high loads and resist crack growth over repeated use. This approach could not only increase the longevity of rubber products such as tires but also reduce the amount of pollution from rubber particles shed during use.

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Continental wins CMF Design Award 2023 for door panel concept

Continental has combined its functional surface solutions in a compact model. In the so-called Door Panel Concept, the technology company makes its diverse surface expertise visible and tangible in the form of a door panel consisting of five different functional surfaces. The Door Pancel Concept has not only been well received by customers, it was also recently honored with the CMF Design Award 2023 in Shenzhen, China. The prestigious award is presented by a jury of international experts for outstanding achievements in color, material and finish. Elements of the SPACE D design concept, which was presented for the first time at the IAA MOBILITY 2023, can also be found in the new model. In the SPACE D, Continental combines the functions of living, driving and working in an interior oasis concept.

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Cabot Corporation launches PROPEL E8 engineered reinforcing carbon black

Cabot Corporation announced the global launch of its new PROPEL® E8 engineered reinforcing carbon black designed to provide superior tread durability at low rolling resistance for high-performance tire tread applications. This new product addresses the unique challenges posed by the heavier weight and higher torque of electric vehicles (EVs) compared to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The PROPEL E8 grade complements Cabot’s existing solutions within the PROPEL E series, which are also suitable for use in high-performance tires.

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Utilization of AI driven solutions for rubber compound formulation: A practical approach

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into various industrial sectors has spurred remarkable progress in the field of manufacturing process development. This concept has been extended to polymer compound formulations, where AI techniques have been used to optimize rubber formulations as well. Furthermore, it is conceivable that mixtures of other polymers, such as TPEs, thermoplastic materials or polyurethane compounds, could be similarly treated. Advantages of employing AI driven tools include reduced development time, enhanced efficiency and increased accuracy.

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Custom compounding with Spherix aluminosilicate microspheres

Spherix manufactures post-industrial recycled aluminosilicate ceramic microspheres with a mean particle size of 3-4 μm. The solid, incompressible spheres mechanically facilitate ingredient dispersion, processing speed and improved surface quality within a wide variety of polymer systems during both mastication and downstream processing. They promote flow and can reduce the need for conventional lubricants depending on the compound. Spherix is a registered trademark of Spherix.

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ArticlesAutomotive Elastomers & PartFeatured

Therban HT: Compounding with a new heat resistant HNBR elastomer

There is an increased demand for elastomeric compositions having improved heat and fluid resistance in automotive and industrial applications. In automotive applications, new sophisticated designs and engineering of engine compartments and under-the-hood parts require the use of elastomeric composites that can withstand higher service temperatures and have excellent long term aging properties. Similarly, industrial applications are following a similar trend where elastomers are expected to have high performance and function longer in harsher conditions.

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Silicones’ role in decarbonization studied

A study to identify and quantify silicones’ contributions to the EU Green Deal’s ambitions to become climate neutral by 2050 reveals an annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emission saving potential of 96.4 metric tons (MT) in 2030. This is equivalent to the carbon footprint of 36 million people’s electricity consumption (for reference, Poland has 37 million inhabitants). These savings are projected to be 42.6 MT by 2050 for silicone-using technologies compared to non-silicones alternatives.

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