Selecting the right tackifier for the manufacturing needs of rubber articles

Adhesives have been described as the diplomats of the rubber world, bringing materials together. Adhesion promoters help facilitate this process. To extend this metaphor, if adhesives are the diplomats, tackifier resins are the handshake that binds the agreement within rubber. These additives are generally medium molecular weight chemicals that are added to rubber compounds, altering their properties by imparting improved tack.

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Cariflex breaks ground on world’s largest polyisoprene latex plant in Singapore

Cariflex Pte. Ltd. (Cariflex), broke ground at a 6.1 hectares site in Jurong Island, Singapore. Cariflex will be constructing the world’s largest and Singapore’s first polyisoprene latex plant on this site. Driven by a strong commitment to better serve its global customers in medical and consumer products, this investment represents the largest capacity expansion in Cariflex’s existing accomplishments.

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Wacker announces expansion of silicone production facilities in Charleston, Tennessee

Wacker Chemie AG is preparing to build a new silicone production complex at its Charleston site in the US state of Tennessee. The Munich-based chemical group has already started a feasibility study. In a first step, it is planned to build production plants for high-consistency silicone rubber and silicone sealants, used, for example, in construction applications. In addition, plants are to be built for the manufacture of intermediates

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