High efficiency twin screw extruder

The demand for performance and consistency of elastomer based compounds is growing quickly in all fields (tire, technical rubber goods, cables). Specifications regarding physical, mechanical and chemical properties, as well as “visual aspects” properties of the finished products are becoming more and more strict.
During compound production, all operations are involved, from the weighing to the storage of the semi-finished mixed compounds. The mixing operation plays a very important role, since it is the step where all ingredients are incorporated, dispersed and distributed.

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Hercules40 digital platform: Turning raw data into value

Comerio Ercole recently introduced, within its products portfolio, a digital platform named Hercules40 which is aimed at supplying its clients with a data driven analysis tool for continuous improvement of the production process, including energy consumption optimization, as well as value added after sales service.
Due to the advanced techniques of big data analysis and machine learning, process and instrumentation, the raw data present within Comerio Ercole machines and plants are transformed into smart data that become part of the strategic information available to plant operation and maintenance management through a simple and intuitive application.

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Davis-Standard introduced new compact extruder for coating applications

Davis-Standard introduced a new compact extruder engineered for extrusion coating applications – the CHP. The machine’s sleek design offers a smaller footprint and lighter weight to allow for easier addition to an existing carriage or platform structure. This provides processors with a space-saving replacement or coextrusion addition for increasing outputs and line speed

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Guill Tool introduces a co-extrusion crosshead designed for irrigation tubing

Guill Tool introduces Series 824, a co-extrusion crosshead designed for irrigation tubing with an emitter tool.   Manufactured from stainless steel, this new crosshead features balanced flow design with spiral technology that improves flow characteristics at all extruder speeds.  Dual feed ports provide concentric compound flow, while the splits flow from one extruder to feed the inside and outside layers via a manifold assembly.   Series 824 is adaptable to all popular extruders on the market currently

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Guill Tool designs new rotary extrusion dies with increased speed

Guill Tool announces a new design for its high-production rotary models, both inline and crosshead style.  A 2X increase in speed, with models running to 1000 RPM depending on the application, are now available in the Guill line of patented rotating tip & die designs.  By rotating the tooling in relation to the material flow, a rotary head increases the wall strength of an extrusion, thereby allowing a thinner wall with less material and the corresponding cost savings for the user.   Typical applications for rotary heads include medical and multi-lumen tubing plus various high-end extrusions with interlocking layer or multiple striping requirements.  

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Medical rubber tubing process and die optimization: Die redesign and fine tuning

Part 1 of this contribution, published in the May 2021 edition of Rubber World, investigated a real manufacturer’s process that was set to produce medical tubing. It was found (through trials at the extruder, then through simulations) that the equipment available to the manufacturer was too large for the relatively low output that was required for this project, and consequently the polymer was degrading on the screw surface. It was ultimately determined through simulation that a smaller extruder, with a screw optimized for the low rate, would work better.

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Improving profitability through innovative technologies and processes

Performance material usage is increasing in the manufacture of tires. These materials are composed of various additives with different properties that require a high level of expertise to maintain their properties throughout the production process and to deliver the desired, consistently high level of required quality. This is just one aspect that increases complexity in the manufacturing process. Market demands for more cost-effective products are also constantly increasing. Operating costs eserve special attention because process optimization is paramount on every manufacturer՚s agenda. Specialty chemicals group Evonik Industries and plant automation supplier Zeppelin Systems are working closely together to show how the use of innovative products and processes can both improve the performance properties of tires, while making their manufacture even more economical.

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