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Medical rubber tubing process and die optimization: Die redesign and fine tuning

Part 1 of this contribution, published in the May 2021 edition of Rubber World, investigated a real manufacturer’s process that was set to produce medical tubing. It was found (through trials at the extruder, then through simulations) that the equipment available to the manufacturer was too large for the relatively low output that was required for this project, and consequently the polymer was degrading on the screw surface. It was ultimately determined through simulation that a smaller extruder, with a screw optimized for the low rate, would work better.

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Improving profitability through innovative technologies and processes

Performance material usage is increasing in the manufacture of tires. These materials are composed of various additives with different properties that require a high level of expertise to maintain their properties throughout the production process and to deliver the desired, consistently high level of required quality. This is just one aspect that increases complexity in the manufacturing process. Market demands for more cost-effective products are also constantly increasing. Operating costs eserve special attention because process optimization is paramount on every manufacturer՚s agenda. Specialty chemicals group Evonik Industries and plant automation supplier Zeppelin Systems are working closely together to show how the use of innovative products and processes can both improve the performance properties of tires, while making their manufacture even more economical.

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KraussMaffei introduces completely new Auma series

The main advantage of the Auma operating principle over discontinuously operating platen presses consists of constant production conditions. The Auma ensures constant temperature, pressure and residence time values to avoid product quality variations, unevenness or undesired transition marks. That is reason enough why the Auma has firmly established itself in the market in the 0.5 to 20 mm thickness range.

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Wickert Mashinenbau offers compact setup-free multifunctional gripper

Wickert Maschinenbau has developed an extremely compact, setup-free multifunctional gripper for the handling of multilayer stacked or chaotically deposited components with layer separation.
The system is available with two different gripper types: A group of two to six fingers picks up work pieces and lifts them out of the transport container. As soon as one layer has been completely emptied, the separation sheet is removed by three close fitting, extendable vacuum suction elements on the gripper arm. The system is then able to access the next level of components.

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ENGEL hands over 100th injection molding machine to MTA in Italy

MTA relied on ENGEL tie-bar-less technology right from the outset. The very first ENGEL machine delivered to MTA in Italy in 1996 was a tie-bar-less model from the ES series, the forerunner of today’s victory machines. There are now nearly 60 ENGEL machines in Codogno. MTA operates other ENGEL machines in Slovakia, Morocco and Brazil. The victory is the machine model of choice in all plants. From tiny plug-in fuses, connectors, fuse holders and radiator caps to complete power distribution units, MTA covers a very wide range of electrical and electronic products for the automotive, motorcycle, commercial vehicle and off-highway verhicle industries. Set-up work is correspondingly frequent, and this is where the tie-bar-less clamping unit of the victory machines proves to offer a clear-cut efficiency advantage. The short set-up times lead to a high utilization of the machines

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Injection molding machine market forecast at $12.5 billion by 2025

The injection molding machine market is growing significantly and offers opportunities for various manufacturers. The APAC region constitutes approximately 61.0% of the world’s population, and the manufacturing and processing sectors are growing rapidly in the region. The APAC is the largest injection molding machine market with China being the major market which is expected to grow significantly. The rising disposable incomes and rising standards of living in emerging economies in the APAC are the major drivers for this market

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MonTech re-vamps hydraulic lab press product line

MonTech continues to put product advancements at the forefront of it’s mission. Instrument trends come and go, and in many industry circumstances, the engineering remains the same. To meet the growing demand of new lab presses, MonTech has applied advanced technologies into their designs to further solidify their standing as the leader in rubber lab press engineering

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