Smithers develops study on low-temperature tire rolling resistance

Tire rolling resistance is closely related to overall vehicle fuel economy or range in both ICE and electric vehicles (EVs). Currently, it is understood that rolling resistance reduction is a reliable strategy for optimizing a vehicle’s fuel economy or cruising range. Many countries, regions, and manufacturers are establishing rolling resistance targets in order to achieve greater energy savings, fulfill “green” initiatives, and reduce carbon emissions.

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Dow launches recyclable silicone self-sealing tire solution

Dow announced its launch of the world’s first recyclable silicone self-sealing tire solution. The solution has been successfully utilized in Bridgestone’s newly released B-SEALS, a recyclable tire sealant technology. With its new SiLASTIC™ SST-2650 Self-sealing Silicone, Dow is meeting self-sealing tire manufacturers’ demands for high performance and sustainability, while providing drivers and passengers with a lighter-weight, safer, and more durable solution.

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Goodyear Eagle GO concept tire aims to reach 300,00 miles

For over 120 years, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has pursued sustainable, low-maintenance innovations and inventions. Partnering with Citroën continues the long-standing relationship between both brands. The new Citroën concept, Oli, is an urban pickup truck concept that explores the usage of sustainable and recyclable materials. So it is only fitting that this electric truck concept is fitted with Goodyear’s Eagle GO concept tire which also explores the usage of a range of sustainable materials in its tread compound.

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Targeting sustainable additives through derivatization of soybean oil

It is known that the oil used as a plasticizing agent in rubber compounds has historically been of petroleum origin. These oils include distillate aromatic extract (DAE), treated distillated aromatic extract (TDAE) and medium extracted solvate (MES). Since 2011, Goodyear has been investigating the utility of soybean oil (SBO) as an alternative to replace petroleum based oils. It was found that the unique structural (figure 1) and physical properties of SBO can be harnessed to provide improvements in compound processing and performance for tire applications. Since this discovery, Goodyear has developed multiple products that make use of SBO through extension in solution styrene-butadiene rubber (SSBR) and as a raw material in tire compounds. The benefits of SBO were harnessed through these avenues to create the Assurance WeatherReady tire in 2017, which is the industry’s first passenger tire to achieve full replacement of petroleum based oil with SBO in the tread.

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Tire compounding with graphene: The tire sidewall

The sidewall typically extends from the exterior of the bead area to the shoulder of the tire. This component in a tire has three functions;
Protect the side of the tire from damage due to curbs or other foreign objects.
Due to flexing as the tire passes through its loaded footprint, it must also demonstrate fatigue and aging resistance and protect the tire casing
Via lettering on the sidewall, provide structural information (plies, belts, load carrying capacity) and other regulatory information such as place and date of manufacture, and if needed, white strips (white sidewall), raised white letters, the tire brand or model and name of the manufacturer.

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Global tire materials market forecast at $99.9 billion by 2028

The global tire materials market is projected to reach US$ 78.96 Bn by 2022, exhibiting growth at a CAGR of 4% during the forecast period according to Future Market Insights (FMI). The global tire materials market is estimated to create an incremental opportunity of US$ 99.99 Bn by the end of 2028. Shifting preference towards the production of sustainable green tires is expected to complement the growth in the market.

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Nynas bio-based Nytex Bio 6200 offers significant sustainability to tire production

NYTEX® BIO 6200 is one of the most important sustainability products right now. One important feature of Nynas’ strategy for continued global growth is the launch of products that support their customers’ long-term sustainability work. This is true not least of the bio-based tire oil NYTEX BIO 6200, the result of many years’ intensive R&D work.

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