Silane modified low molecular weight liquid polymers in sulfur cured mixtures of styrene butadiene copolymers and silica

Global emissions of greenhouse gases from trucks and passenger cars are influenced by the deformation energy and friction losses of tires. It is mostly associated with the rolling resistance between the tire tread and the road surface. For this reason, the rolling resistance is considered one of the most important performance indicators (that is, targeted to be reduced) within the tire industry.

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Development and evaluation of military track pads

The U.S. Army utilizes the A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV) as a tactical asset in combat and peace operations. Track failure on Army systems, such as those in Bradley Fighting Vehicles, is a significant cost driver for the Army. In-field track failures result in the entire platoon being mobilized to protect the vehicle and crew, putting warfighters at risk in hostile areas. A track’s main failure mode is typically related to specialized rubber components, such as elastomeric bushings, backer pads, track pads and road wheels.

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Nepheline syenite as the smart alternative to crystalline silica fillers in silicone elastomers

Nepheline syenite is a silica deficient functional filler and additive widely employed in a variety of polymers, adhesives, coatings, inks and colorant applications. Micronized sizes are valued for purity of color, gloss control, antiblocking in polyolefin films and coatings, and ease of dispersion, with low viscosity build, abrasion and superior weather resistance

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