The Blue Book

The Blue Book – Materials, compounding ingredients and services for the rubber.

Long regarded as the industry’s single most important reference for technical information, the Blue Book contains detailed information on every raw material used by the rubber industry-including chemical additives, extenders, elastomers and latexes, fillers and reinforcing materials, carbon black and coloring materials, to name a few.

The latest, most current information on more than 10,000 materials and ingredients are listed. And, to help you locate the best materials at the lowest possible cost, more ingredients are listed by chemical name as well as trade name.  

Available in Print, PDF and Online

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The Red Book

The Rubber Red Book has served the industry for 74 years. Industry professionals rely on it to locate a wealth of sources and services when making important purchasing decisions.

The Rubber Red Book is a must for industry professionals who need comprehensive up-to-date listings on the many products and services including: Rubber Machinery & Equipment, Laboratory & Testing Equipment, Accessories and Fittings, Rubber Reclaimers & Recyclers, Rubber Chemicals & Compounding Materials, Synthetic Rubber, Fabrics and Textiles, Latex and Related Materials, Educational Courses in Rubber Chemistry and Technology, Technical and Trade Journals

Available in Print & Excel file.

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