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This follow-up to the 2023 International Elastomer Conference and Expo, held last month in Cleveland, Ohio, and published for the Rubber Division, ACS
by Lippincott & Peto, Inc., includes photographs and summaries of IEC events, including the Rubber Division, ACS Service Award recipients, 2023 scholarship winners, the Experience Elastomers Student Outreach Program, nomination information for the Rubber Division, ACS 2025 Science & Technology Awards, 2023 exhibitors, and details on the Rubber Division, ACS Spring Technical Meeting.

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Metallurgical grade silicon metal and silicone rubber: A matter of national security

Metallurgical grade silicon metal (SiME) is essential to the production of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) silicone rubber, a material that is indispensable to modern life. As this article will show, metallurgical grade SiME, and not simply silicon, belongs on the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Critical Materials List because of its importance to national security. Currently, the DOE’s Critical Materials List includes “silicon,” a term that is overly broad because it also includes elemental silicon and polysilicon.

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