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ACE Laboratories completes installation of its new wiper blade testing system

ACE Laboratories has announced another new testing capability. This latest addition provides the ability to test and analyze windshield wiper blades and wipe systems.
The custom engineered testing system allows ACE to include energy consumption analysis as part of the testing protocol in addition to traditional durability analysis. ACE’s testing system also allows for customization to nearly all windshield types with angle and pressure controls to ensure testing is completed according to OEM specifications.

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Using tensile strength distribution to detect undispersed filler and other crack precursors in rubber

The tensile test is one of the most common physical measurements in the rubber laboratory. Evaluating the average or median stress-strain behavior for five replicate specimens gives a quick and broad assessment of rubber mechanical properties. Tensile testing can provide even more insights into rubber formulation effects, quality of mixing, and their impact on product durability by testing more replicates to characterize the tensile strength distribution or statistical failure population. It is the aim of this article to highlight this simple and useful testing approach.

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A primer on material testing rubber

The purpose of performing material testing is to ensure the
properties of the materials will meet specific requirements.
Proper testing on a material testing/force stand ensures that the
material will respond appropriately when placed under the expected
usage conditions, or meet the standards required for
product development. For rubber materials, the properties are
often found by testing the raw component before it is made into
the final product.

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Hexpol and LabsCubed announce enhanced partnership in automated tensile testing

HEXPOL Compounding Americas (HCA) announces an enhanced collaboration with LabsCubed. HEXPOL, a pioneer in custom rubber compounding, and LabsCubed, a dynamic and innovative automation company, initiated this partnership last year to redefine the benchmarks for rubber quality control, reaffirming HEXPOL’s dedication to innovation and excellence. Following the successful initial phases, HEXPOL is now extending the deployment of LabsCubed automated testing equipment across the United States and Mexico.

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Asia Pacific is expected to be the most opportunistic rubber testing equipment market, reaching US$ 2.7 Billion in 2032

Sales of the rubber testing equipment market have likely documented a Y-o-Y growth rate worth 4.6% in 2022 as compared to 2021. By 2022-end, the market was poised to reach US$ 13.7 Billion. As of 2021, rubber testing equipment demand was valued at US$ 13.1 Billion. From 2022-2032, a CAGR of 3.3% has been anticipated, with an expected closing value of US$ 19 Billion according to Future Market Insights.

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