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ACE Laboratories completes installation of its new wiper blade testing system

Ravenna, OH – ACE Laboratories has announced another new testing capability. This latest addition provides the ability to test and analyze windshield wiper blades and wipe systems.
The custom engineered testing system allows ACE to include energy consumption analysis as part of the testing protocol in addition to traditional durability analysis. ACE’s testing system also allows for customization to nearly all windshield types with angle and pressure controls to ensure testing is completed according to OEM specifications.
ACE’s wiper blade testing options include initial wipe grading, durability testing, standard mechanical properties analysis, weathering and aging of wiper blades, coefficient of friction analysis, and power draw assessment.
Erick Sharp, CEO of ACE Laboratories, shared his vision: “Anytime we enter a new segment we always want to ensure we are adding new value. The ability to integrate power into the assessment of wiper blades and wiper systems will provide great value to customers. This will especially be of benefit with the emergence of electric vehicles. The ability to interchange across all standard types of windshields will also provide quick versatility to our customers.”
More information on ACE’s wiper blade testing capabilities can be found at
This latest expansion by ACE Laboratories, in response to the evolving needs of the automotive sector, introduces a comprehensive range of wiper blade testing based on SAE J903 standards. It provides manufacturers with the flexibility to select tests that match their specific objectives or custom requirements, such as evaluating new windshield treatments, improving wiper blade designs, or experimenting with new blade coatings.