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UK researchers introduce degradable bonds into thermoset polymers for easier recycling

Researchers made a series of polymer gels with breakable bonds incorporated into different parts of the structure, and tested whether the properties changed after the gel was degraded and reformed.
The researchers hope this model system can be applied to other types of polymers, including adhesives, sealants and elastomers.

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Towards the modern automotive industry: Adhesive innovations with styrenic TPEs

Adhesive innovations with styrenic thermoplastic elastomers In automobile manufacturing, hot melt adhesives have numerous purposes, such as applications in the trunk, roof linings, seat assembly, filter manufacturing, emblems, trim and assembly bonding. The trunks
of modern cars, especially trucks with large storage space, are complex. Individual elements, such as the trunk floor, rear seat backs, rear covers, etc., have been produced for several years with dispersion based adhesive systems, with a growing trend of polyurethane reactive (PUR) systems.

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Researchers develop 4D printing method for fiber reinforced liquid crystal elastomers

The research team of China’s Xi’an Jiaotong University used the reversible thermochrome deformation ability of liquid crystal elastomers, combined with the excellent mechanical properties of continuous fiber materials, to propose a direct-writing 4D printing method based on continuous fiber-reinforced liquid crystal elastomers. The continuous fibers embedded in the liquid crystal elastomer composite material played a role in significantly enhancing the mechanical properties and realizing the effect of bending deformation.

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