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Controls help tire cord manufacturer improve performance of wire draw system

Global distributor Wesco and Siemens have teamed up with a
local integrator to enable a major Tennessee tire manufacturer to
achieve consistent tension and save money. As Chad Garner, a
Nashville based application engineer with distributor Wesco,
related: “We were presented with a significant challenge by one
of our great customers: a tire manufacturer in the area. They
needed to upgrade their multiple wire drawing machines for tire
cord production in the plant.”

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High power density motors create new possibilities for rubber manufacturers

From mixing to extrusion, calendering, cutting and more, electric motors are critical at almost every step of rubber manufacturing. As motor technology has advanced rapidly over the past decade, latest generation high power density electric motors overcome many of the limitations of older models. They offer advantages in terms of size, precision and other critical areas;

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Dust collection for carbon black: System design, filter selection and dust collector safety

Carbon black is widely used throughout the rubber industry. Understanding the properties of carbon black dust and the specific
challenges these properties create for dust control is crucial for designing and implementing an effective dust collection system. A well designed dust collection system will ensure compliance with OSHA regulations and NFPA standards for carbon black dust safety.

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Cryogenic deflashing for molded rubber parts

Flash is excess rubber that protrudes from the surface of a molded part. This defect is common to injection, transfer and compression molding, and can be caused by worn tooling, improper venting, low clamping pressure, low viscosity or uneven flow. Even a small amount of mold flash reduces part quality; but excessive flashing can interfere with part performance or product assembly. Rubber molders have a choice of deflashing methods, but cryogenic deflashing provides cost saving advantages and improves quality and consistency across elastomers and applications.

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High efficiency twin screw extruder

The demand for performance and consistency of elastomer based compounds is growing quickly in all fields (tire, technical rubber goods, cables). Specifications regarding physical, mechanical and chemical properties, as well as “visual aspects” properties of the finished products are becoming more and more strict.
During compound production, all operations are involved, from the weighing to the storage of the semi-finished mixed compounds. The mixing operation plays a very important role, since it is the step where all ingredients are incorporated, dispersed and distributed.

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Financial significance of cryogenic deflashing media durability

In today’s ever competitive and challenging business environment, it is essential that all manufacturing businesses have their production efficiencies and costs under control. This holds especially true for rubber molding companies that do cryogenic deflashing. Two of the primary cost drivers in a cryogenic deflashing operation are cryogen (liquid nitrogen) and deflashing media consumption.

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Hercules40 digital platform: Turning raw data into value

Comerio Ercole recently introduced, within its products portfolio, a digital platform named Hercules40 which is aimed at supplying its clients with a data driven analysis tool for continuous improvement of the production process, including energy consumption optimization, as well as value added after sales service.
Due to the advanced techniques of big data analysis and machine learning, process and instrumentation, the raw data present within Comerio Ercole machines and plants are transformed into smart data that become part of the strategic information available to plant operation and maintenance management through a simple and intuitive application.

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