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ENGEL to expand its global production network in Mexico

The 10th production facility underscores ENGEL’s commitment to self-reliance. With expertise in building components in-house, from machining centres to final assembly, the company aims to minimize the impact of external factors on its operations. This strategic move will enable ENGEL to maintain a robust supply chain and ensure uninterrupted delivery of products and services despite global supply chain interruptions and transportation issues.

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Engel presents new eco-flomo temperature manifold at Fakuma 2023

Mold temperature control has a significant impact on product quality and the energy efficiency of the injection molding process. To take even greater advantage of the resulting potential for process optimization, ENGEL is making it easy to get started with electronic temperature difference monitoring, beginning with the new eco-flomo temperature control water manifold system at the Fakuma 2023 trade show.

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Cryogenic deflashing for molded rubber parts

Flash is excess rubber that protrudes from the surface of a molded part. This defect is common to injection, transfer and compression molding, and can be caused by worn tooling, improper venting, low clamping pressure, low viscosity or uneven flow. Even a small amount of mold flash reduces part quality; but excessive flashing can interfere with part performance or product assembly. Rubber molders have a choice of deflashing methods, but cryogenic deflashing provides cost saving advantages and improves quality and consistency across elastomers and applications.

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Dow and MVP introduce the next generation of fast flow light resin transfer molding

Dow and Magnum Venus Products (MVP), a global manufacturer of fluid movement and production solutions for industrial applications, introduce a new polyurethane-enabled chemistry delivered by an innovative three component injection system using a unique Fast Flow Light RTM process. This innovative process for closed molding increases part production by decreasing injection times. The new technique is a blend of MVP’s Flex Molding Process and Light Resin Transfer Molding and utilizes collapsible resin channels for a faster resin flow.

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