Dow and MVP introduce the next generation of fast flow light resin transfer molding

Dow and Magnum Venus Products (MVP), a global manufacturer of fluid movement and production solutions for industrial applications, introduce a new polyurethane-enabled chemistry delivered by an innovative three component injection system using a unique Fast Flow Light RTM process. This innovative process for closed molding increases part production by decreasing injection times. The new technique is a blend of MVP’s Flex Molding Process and Light Resin Transfer Molding and utilizes collapsible resin channels for a faster resin flow.

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“Our Fast Flow Light RTM process draws from years of experience as a leader in closed molding and blends techniques to deliver faster, more efficient part production,” said Joan Tracy, Director of International Sales for MVP, “The process was brought about by the need to meet faster cure times for large parts using high viscosity resins such as fire retardant materials.”

The next generation Light RTM is the outcome of the collaboration between Dow and MVP, applying new polyurethane-based solutions to cutting edge machine processes. Light RTM presents a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional RTM, or closed molding process, due to the minimal tooling structure required and material efficiencies. In fact, the polyurethanes system is produced with between 20-25% bio-based materials (as per DIN EN 16785-1 standards). Thanks to the polyurethane’s high toughness level, less material is needed to reach the same mechanical properties as with conventional solutions, creating more durable, longer-lasting and lighter vehicle components.

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Fast Flow LRTM uses resin channel design with injection port located at center of part. By injecting part from center to border, the part can be precisely finished with no trimming required

“Our novel polyurethane systems solution provides superior aesthetic properties and better industrial hygiene profile vs incumbent resins in use”, said Francesca Pignagnoli, Commercial Director Industrial Markets Europe, Dow Polyurethanes. “Our new Light RTM application is compatible with MVP’s Fast Flow Light RTM using a new 3-component system designed to meter/mix and dispense low to high volumes of resin.”

MVP’s Fast Flow injection system was designed for the use of larger molds while maintaining high reactivity, reducing the curing time and therefore the cycle time. The combined optimization of this special process and Dow Light RTM Polyurethane systems in synergy resulted in a new solution that allows for a smooth introduction for current and future Light RTM customers.