Functionalized liquid rubber for tire formulations

Plasticizers are one of the key components of the rubber and adhesives industries. Plasticizers are used to lower hardness, improve processability and reduce raw material costs. On the other hand, mechanical properties deteriorate with plasticizer content. In addition, plasticizers often cause changes in properties with time and staining due to volatilization or bleeding. Phthalate plasticizers and aromatic oils are or possibly will be regulated due to environmental and human health issues. Kuraray liquid rubbers (KLR) are plasticizers which are co-vulcanizable with solid rubbers. Therefore, it is very unlikely that KLR will be subject to these bleeding or volatilization issues. As a result, KLR is expected to have a growth potential as an environmentally friendly plasticizer.

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Avery Dennison launches embeddable UHF RFID tire tag

Avery Dennison Corporation announced the launch of the AD Maxdura tire tag, one of the most advanced embedded UHF RFID tags for the tire industry. Every year some 3 billion units are manufactured globally and RFID is increasingly being adopted by all leading tire manufacturers, Michelin for instance has announced it is fitting RFID sensor tags to all its tires by 2023 and countries such as China are looking to make its use mandatory. 

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Six of the world’s ten most successful electric vehicle manufacturers rely on Continental tires

Continental is expanding its market share in the tire segment for fully electric vehicles In 2020, six of the world’s ten highest-volume manufacturers of electric vehicles relied on the high technological expertise of the premium tire manufacturer for their original equipment. These included Tesla with its Model 3 and Model S and Volkswagen with the ID.3. Also Asian manufacturers, for example BYD, one of China’s largest car producers, rely on Continental tires as original equipment for their electric vehicles. This underscores the product strategy and quality of the company’s products in the electromobility segment

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