Elkem presents PURESIL products at Expo Cosmetica

Expo Cosmética, a cosmetics industry trade show held in Mexico, will take place this year July 13-16 in a virtual format. During this event, the cosmetics sector is getting together where science, technology, innovation, marketing, business, art and design meet. This event allows companies to feature their latest innovations, products and trends they are following. Today’s consumers expect their luxe beauty products to be tailored to their specific needs, while meeting sustainability criteria and delivering flawless skin.

Elkem Silicones during this event will not only showcase their latest new products and formulations, but will also have three virtual presentations during which we will cover various topics.

Discover Elkem and their newest PURESIL silicones, which will enhance daily beauty with their beauty-enhancing and eco-friendly characteristics. Elkem will present with Kigo their new PURESIL elastomer powders. Elevate formulations with versatile elastomer powders. Elkem will also present with Euroquímica their new PURESIL ORG 02. Create unique and sustainable experiences with the new PURESIL elastomer gel ORG 02.

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