ENGEL takes symposium to its customers

Schwertberg, Austria – ENGEL is inviting customers to a live e-symposium 2021 from June 22-24. For the first time, ENGEL’s traditional in-house exhibition will be a virtual event, enabling even more customers, partners and interested parties from all regions of the world to join in. Several thousand guests are expected.

For three days, everything in ENGEL’s virtual world is revolving around the current and future challenges in injection molding. How can the new possibilities of digitalization be converted into opportunities? Which innovative technologies have the potential to increase competitiveness? And how can you reconcile sustainability and cost effectiveness? In keynote presentations and business talks, each with live moderated Q&A sessions, experts from ENGEL and other companies will provide answers to these and other burning questions. Twenty-five machine exhibits in the virtual showroom as well as virtual tours through the ENGEL plants in Austria provide insights into innovative applications and development focuses. ENGEL’s global sales, customer service and development teams are available for one-on-one meetings. “Personal contacts, and a direct exchange, are the focus of the ENGEL live e-symposium,” Dr. Christoph Steger, CSO of the ENGEL Group emphasized. “We would like to invite all customers, partners and interested parties to make appointments with their personal contacts as well as our experts before and during the event to explore the virtual ENGEL world together in a one-on-one session.”

Last October, ENGEL held its first virtual, interactive trade fair, the live e-xperience, with great success. Participants came from more than 90 different countries. This platform, which has firmly established itself in the meantime, now offers the framework for the first ENGEL live e-symposium.

The key factor in the decision to hold the symposium as a virtual event, and one that is much anticipated by customers, is the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. “This year, we are taking the ENGEL symposium to our customers,” says Steger. “The virtual format gives all customers and interested parties around the world a safe option for joining in, regardless of the infection scenario in their respective regions.”

ENGEL is making a virtue out of necessity and leveraging the benefits of the virtual platform for its customers. All program items, such as the lectures and guided tours, will be offered in a total of seven languages. In addition, the presentations have been adapted to the individual requirements of each country and region. On Tuesday, June 22, the online conference will focus on the requirements of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Wednesday, June 23, is aimed primarily at participants in western, southern and eastern Europe and in the METAI region (Middle East, Turkey, Africa, India), and Thursday, June 24, is aimed at participants in North and Latin America. Accordingly, the keynote program on Thursday will not start until 4 p.m. Central European Time, while the lectures on Tuesday and Wednesday will start at 10 a.m. For customers and interested parties in Asia, the virtual offering is accompanied by face-to-face events at ENGEL plants and subsidiaries. Hygiene and safety concepts have been developed for this in line with the requirements in the individual countries.

“The live e-symposium is helping us further extend the reach of our in-house exhibition,” says Steger. “We are expecting several thousand participants.”

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