Hyundai approves three Continental tire models for its Tucson

Hanover, Germany – The Hyundai Motor Group relies on Continental’s original equipment expertise for its Tucson. The South Korean car manufacturer has given Continental three approvals for its SUV. The Tucson runs worldwide from the factory on either energy-saving EcoContact 6 or comfort-optimized PremiumContact 6 tires. For the Asia-Pacific region, Hyundai has also approved the CrossContact LX Sport, which is designed for light off-road driving.

The special rubber compound of the EcoContact 6 minimizes energy absorption while driving and reduces friction and rolling resistance. This means lower energy consumption for cars with combustion engines and greater ranges for electric vehicles. In addition to short braking distances, the premium tire also offers reliable grip on dry and wet roads and very good cornering stability even at high speeds. The optimized tread design also reduces the tire’s rolling noise.

The PremiumContact 6 is specially designed for safe and comfortable driving. The special rubber compound in the tread ensures very good safety and wet braking properties. The optimized tire design also offers high cornering stability. The special design featuring circumferential grooves allows for a rapid response in handling and steering precision on dry and wet roads.

For the Asia-Pacific region, Hyundai also offers the Tucson with the premium CrossContact LX Sport tire in size 18-inch. This offers short braking distances on dry and wet roads and effective drive both on and off the road. The CrossContaxt LX Sport also has a reinforced side wall that protects against damage, for example by stone chips. The adapted tire profile also ensures low rolling resistance and therefore good fuel efficiency. The uniform sipe arrangement on the tread reduces rolling noise for a high level of noise comfort.