New Processing Promoters For Silica Filled Tire Compounds

Torsten Ziser, Lanxess

Processing promoters (additives) improve the efficiency of compound mixing and processing, and facilitate complex manufacturing processes.
Processing additives influence the whole production process, from compounding to the finishing of the rubber article. Typically, processing additives are used in small quantities. They influence various properties, such as plasticity, homogeneity, flow properties, etc.; and in addition to processing improvement, often have a positive impact on the quality of the finished articles. The use of processing aids for optimizing a rubber manufacturing process can also help to reduce costs through: Reducing power consumption and machine wear; Shorter mixing and molding cycles; Enhancing reproducibility of properties; Improving the appearance of extrudates; Reduced reject rates in extrusion or injection molding processes.

Different processing promoters show different influences in the processing steps. There are processing promoters that help to incorporate the filler and other powdered ingredients. The homogenization of rubber blends can also be improved. Other promotors help to improve the extrusion or injection molding process by developing a smooth surface

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