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Lamination technology for multi-layer hose

Fluoroelastomer lamination technology for multilayer automotive hose constructions is said to be ideal for use in high-pressure, high-temperature areas near the engine, where they are also exposed to NOx, SOx, engine oils or other aggressive automotive fluids. AGC Chemicals Americas՚ AFLAS FEPM fluoroelastomers can withstand continuous service temperatures up to 200°C and have excellent acid, base, amine and steam resistance.

This FEPM material can be laminated directly to dissimilar elastomers, without the need for a tie-layer or adhesive, to achieve a peel strength in excess of 7 N/in at elevated operating temperatures. AGC also offers materials that are designed to improve the performance of fuel system components like tanks, seals, vapor lines, hoses, tubes, cabling, as well as under-the-hood components for HVAC, evaporative emission control (EVAP), exhaust and coolant systems.

AFLAS fluoroelastomers are said to enhance performance and extend the life of pumps and seals because they are highly resistant to acids, strong bases, solvents, hydrocarbons, amines and coolants commonly found in lubricating and extended-life fluids. AFLAS is used in seals found in EVAP systems that capture evaporating gasoline fumes and other emissions. These resins can also withstand nitrogen oxide reduction agents used in diesel engines equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology.

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