Rubber Molding Principles, 2nd Edition


Rubber Molding Principles 2nd Edition is the first in a series of technical books written to highlight the fundamentals of various aspects of rubber molding technology and how they relate to each other. The more one understands the interactions and relationships of these fundamental principles, the better one is able to exploit the fundamentals to their fullest advantage. Rubber Molding Principles is not intended to be an exhaustive attempt to cover every aspect of rubber molding technology. The fundamentals presented in this book are
the fundamental elements of rubber molding technology which I consider to be essential to a better understanding of rubber molding technology. As a result, some of the information presented in this book will be obvious and well known to many rubber molding practitioners, while some of the fundamentals discussed in this book will not necessarily be considered basic, or even obvious, to those skilled in rubber molding technology.

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Title: Rubber Molding Principles, 2nd Edition

Author: Van Walworth
Book Release: (C) 2017
ISBN: 978-616-90836-89
Hardbound, 158 Pages
Publisher: TechnoBiz Communications Co., Ltd