STRUKTOL ADDITIVE SOLUTIONS Created by our team of chemists for specific applications, our original additives have become the leading go-to solutions to aid in the processing of Rubber, Plastics, PVC and WPC compounds.  The expansion of our product line over the years is, in many regards, owed to our customers.  They put their trust in us to help solve processing issues as well as improve end product results.

As the STRUKTOL® name traveled the world in compound formulations, so did our commitment to make our Additive Solutions available globally.  Our Worldwide Representatives will guarantee that the Struktol products they sell to you are indeed “original” Struktol products.

We are proud of our products and stand behind their quality.  Just as you are proud to use only the best products available for the production of your own product line, we are here to provide the Original STRUKTOL® Additive Solutions Wherever You Are.

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