VMI launches a new feature for the LAT100: dynamic tests

Epe, The Netherlands – The VMI LAT100 tire tread compound tester is a fully programmable machine and now features a boosted platform for simulation of the tire-road condition in the laboratory. These new dynamic functions allow the software to alter test parameters of load, speed and slip angle simultaneously with the traveling distance during the test. This enables a substantially reduced testing time and provides a relatively steady situation in the contact area. Thus, the accuracy is enhanced by omitting the inherent noise factors of the experiments due to the traveled distance of rubber on the track. The new dynamic testing procedures have been developed by Dr. Marzieh Salehi (in cooperation with Twente University, the Netherlands) and are applicable for any test procedure, surface condition (dry, wet, ice) and test track. The results are in strong correlations with real tire testing on the road and have been published in reputable scientific journals.