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BASF and ENGIE signed a long term biomethane purchase agreement

BASF uses certified biomethane at its Ludwigshafen/Germany and Antwerp/Belgium sites as a sustainable alternative to fossil raw materials in its manufacturing process. The approach supports the company’s sustainable transformation by reducing its carbon footprint. The biomethane amount is allocated to the end product using a third-party, globally recognized certification scheme, known as the Biomass Balance approach.

Bridgestone introduces the new BDR-AD3 retread

Bridgestone introduced the new BDR-AD3 retread, Bandag’s premier solution for the demanding challenges of Package & Delivery and Last-Mile Delivery applications. The BDR-AS3 is designed with impressive durability and increased traction in mind, no matter the season or condition

Yokohama Rubber’s Geolandar X-CV factory-equipped on the 2024 Lexus GX 550

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced that it is supplying its GEOLANDAR X-CV (Pattern No. G057E) tires as original equipment (OE) to Lexus as an available option on the new luxury on-road SUVs, the GX 550. The tire sizes are 265/55R20 113V in North America and 265/55R20 109V in Japan. The 2024 GX 550 was launched in North America in April 2024, and general sales in Japan will begin this autumn.

Roemheld introduces new rail-guided RWS mold changing table for transporting heavy dies and molds

ROEMHELD North America announces the new, rail-guided RWS mold changing table for transporting heavy dies and molds. The innovative solution is available in three versions for loads of up to 15, 25, or 40 tons per mold. Electrically driven, the system is equipped with two different pull-push systems for the safe and automatic transport of dies to set up presses.

Global medical nitrile glove market forecast at $11.5 billion by 2033

Pune, India – The Brainy Insights projects that the global medical nitrile gloves market, valued at USD 4 billion in

Rubber Division

The Rubber Division to host free webinar on Global Economic Challenges led by Paul Hodges

Paul Hodges, a global expert on the chemicals industry with the World Economic Forum, will focus on two key challenges facing the chemical industry. Geopolitical issues are rising up the agenda and replacing economics as a key driver for decisions and companies are having to adjust to the end of the two key “dividends” – the “peace dividend” and the “demographic dividend” – that have underpinned global growth for the past 30 years. This presentation will be followed by a Rubber Division, ACS update including an introduction to our 2025 Secretary candidate




Utilization of AI driven solutions for rubber compound formulation: A practical approach

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into various industrial sectors has spurred remarkable progress in the field of manufacturing process development. This concept has been extended to polymer compound formulations, where AI techniques have been used to optimize rubber formulations as well. Furthermore, it is conceivable that mixtures of other polymers, such as TPEs, thermoplastic materials or polyurethane compounds, could be similarly treated. Advantages of employing AI driven tools include reduced development time, enhanced efficiency and increased accuracy.

Chemicals and Materials


University of Michigan researchers leap toward carbon neutrality converting CO2 to methanol

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a catalyst material known as cobalt phthalocyanine that converts carbon dioxide—a significant driver of climate change—into renewable fuels such as methanol.

Published in the journal ACS Catalysis, U-M researchers studied using cobalt phthalocyanine as a catalyst to convert carbon dioxide into methanol through multiple reaction steps. The first step converts carbon dioxide (C02) into carbon monoxide (CO) and the second step converts the CO into methanol.

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