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April 2024

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UTH provides sustainable and reliable processes for silicone rubber compounds

UTH GmbH develops and applies new technologies for mixing, extruding and fine mesh straining of silicone rubber compounds. Silicone rubber compounds are in demand in many industrial sectors, especially in the technical, sealing and medical industry, where high standards of product quality and performance are required. To meet these demands, sustainable and automated production processes are needed, which enable a gentle but process-reliable material processing, and at the same time conserve resources.

Huntsman launches new SHOKLESS polyurethane systems for electric vehicle batteries

SHOKLESS™ polyurethane systems are generally compatible with a number of different manufacturing methods such as open- and closed-pour (injection) and cold-cure molding. Certain products in the range can also be dispensed with high pressure equipment. Huntsman also offers simulation and modeling capabilities that can help customers customize and optimize processing parameters, and the structural and thermal performance of the materials, so they can get the very best out of the SHOKLESS™ system they select.

Firestone Airide opens two distribution centers in the U.S.

Firestone Airide recently opened new distribution centers at two U.S.-based manufacturing facilities: Williamsburg, Kentucky and Dyersburg, Tennessee. The total investment of approximately $26 million will enhance the company’s ability to serve its customers and increase operational efficiency. Additionally, having the distribution centers located next to the manufacturing facilities will help reduce the company’s carbon footprint by eliminating the transportation of goods from the two manufacturing facilities to a third-party operated distribution center in Indianapolis.  

Mars Mineral delivers advanced pin mixer to LD Carbon’s growing South Korean operations

Mars Mineral has announced the shipment of a Model 26D100L stainless steel pin mixer to LD Carbon (LDC), a leading producer of recovered carbon black (rCB). LDC, based in Seoul, South Korea, will receive the pin mixer at its new manufacturing facility in Dangjin. This plant, slated to open during the second quarter of 2024, will be the largest end-of-life 􀆟re (ELT) pyrolysis and rCB operation in Asia.

Rubber Division

The Rubber Division ACS announces May Learning Opportunities

The Rubber Division ACS announces the following May Learning Opportunities.

May 9 – Webinar: How to Extend Lifetime of Elastomers & Rubber Products
May 15 – Course: Mixing & Testing for Compound Consistency
May 16 – Course: Setting Up a Rubber Molding Process
May 21 – Webinar: How to Create & Follow Your Professional Development Plan
May 21-24 – Endurica Workshop: Application of Rubber Fatigue Analysis with Endurica Software
May 22 – Course: Understanding Your Data
May 23 – Webinar: Managing Scientists & Engineers
May 29 – Webinar: Fundamentals of Machine Vision for the Inspection of Rubber Seals


Chemicals and Materials


The United States Environmental Protection Agency issues new rules for chloroprene emissions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a final rule that will significantly reduce toxic air pollution from chemical plants, including ethylene oxide and chloroprene. Once implemented, the rule will reduce both EtO and chloroprene emissions from covered processes and equipment by nearly 80%. A requirement for these facilities to conduct fence line monitoring for key toxic chemicals is included, and EPA will make the data publicly available to better inform and safeguard nearby communities.

Silicone & Medical


Silicones’ role in decarbonization studied

A study to identify and quantify silicones’ contributions to the EU Green Deal’s ambitions to become climate neutral by 2050 reveals an annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emission saving potential of 96.4 metric tons (MT) in 2030. This is equivalent to the carbon footprint of 36 million people’s electricity consumption (for reference, Poland has 37 million inhabitants). These savings are projected to be 42.6 MT by 2050 for silicone-using technologies compared to non-silicones alternatives.

Testing & Instruments


ACE Laboratories completes installation of its new wiper blade testing system

ACE Laboratories has announced another new testing capability. This latest addition provides the ability to test and analyze windshield wiper blades and wipe systems.
The custom engineered testing system allows ACE to include energy consumption analysis as part of the testing protocol in addition to traditional durability analysis. ACE’s testing system also allows for customization to nearly all windshield types with angle and pressure controls to ensure testing is completed according to OEM specifications.

Latex and Natural Rubber

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