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Honda Noise Resonator

Honda develops sound cancelling resonators reducing tire noise

Noise-reducing wheel resonators are made from lightweight resin, and through a unique, well considered structure, are fitted to the wheel rim without the use of connecting parts such as bolts. Centrifugal force actually secures the resonators to the wheel more firmly. The resonators can withstand 1,500G during high-speed driving, and bond to the wheel stronger without losing their shape

Orion S.A. installing tire pyrolysis oil tanks at Polish plant

Orion S.A. is installing multiple tire pyrolysis oil tanks at its plant in Jaslo, Poland – the company’s latest move toward boosting production of circular carbon black.
The tanks will serve as reception points for TPO delivered to the plant. The TPO will be pumped from the tanks to furnace black reactors, which transform the oil into circular carbon black.
Orion is the only producer in its industry that has made carbon black from 100% TPO. The company makes a range of circular grades that are commercially available and suitable for a wide scope of applications.

Huntsman officially opens new innovation center in Tienen, Belgium

Huntsman Corporation officially opened a new innovation center in Tienen, Belgium

Corteco broadens its portfolio in the heavy-duty segment

Corteco, the aftermarket unit of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, focuses on seals in more detail than most other aftermarket companies. The development of radial shaft seals shows the depth of the company’s expertise. This is particularly relevant for the independent aftermarket within the heavy-duty sector, a market in which Corteco is progressively increasing its presence. The product range will see further expansion with additional product groups in 2024.

Ecoplastomer achieves 13 percent reduction in injection time decreasing manufacturing costs

Ecoplastomer ‘s innovative materials have successfully passed rigorous tests in complex automotive applications. The manufacturer of technical plastic items has used Ecoplastomer® PP-70 to produce parts commercially. Recent trials have demonstrated that Ecoplastomer® parts offer an impressive reduction in injection time of approximately 13%.


USTMA ambassadors to visit Capitol Hill during summer fly-in

The U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) is hosting a Capitol Hill fly-in from June 12-13 for its Tire Manufacturing Ambassadors to raise awareness on issues important to the U.S. tire manufacturing sector and the communities it serves. USTMA’s annual Ambassadors Program provides the opportunity to emphasize issues on industry economic impact, innovative infrastructure solutions and sustainability with policymakers.




Utilization of AI driven solutions for rubber compound formulation: A practical approach

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into various industrial sectors has spurred remarkable progress in the field of manufacturing process development. This concept has been extended to polymer compound formulations, where AI techniques have been used to optimize rubber formulations as well. Furthermore, it is conceivable that mixtures of other polymers, such as TPEs, thermoplastic materials or polyurethane compounds, could be similarly treated. Advantages of employing AI driven tools include reduced development time, enhanced efficiency and increased accuracy.

Chemicals and Materials


University of Michigan researchers leap toward carbon neutrality converting CO2 to methanol

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a catalyst material known as cobalt phthalocyanine that converts carbon dioxide—a significant driver of climate change—into renewable fuels such as methanol.

Published in the journal ACS Catalysis, U-M researchers studied using cobalt phthalocyanine as a catalyst to convert carbon dioxide into methanol through multiple reaction steps. The first step converts carbon dioxide (C02) into carbon monoxide (CO) and the second step converts the CO into methanol.

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