AGC Chemicals to feature advanced fluorinated materials solutions at NPE2024

Exton, PA – AGC Chemicals Americas will feature its performance-enhancing fluoropolymer resins, compounds and fluoroelastomers at NPE2024: The Plastics Show in Orlando, Florida, May 6–10, 2024. AGCCA engineers and technical sales team will be available to discuss applications for these advanced materials at booth S29171 in the South Hall Material Science section.

Featured materials include:
Fluon+™ mPLASTICS compounds, which are modified with fluoropolymer materials to achieve the desirable properties of engineered plastics with added flexibility

Fluon+™ mPEEK with specialty fluoropolymers to improve its impact strength, heat and wear resistance, flexibility and electrical insulating properties

Fluon+™ AR flexible melt processable compounds that maintain many desirable properties of ETFE, like excellent heat and chemical resistance, but are more flexible than other fluoropolymers; they are ideal alternatives to THV

Fluon+™ ETFE AH-600, -700 and -800 resins, which are ideal for constructions that require excellent conductivity, chemical and permeation resistance, and protection against static buildup

Fluon+™ compounds that incorporate glass, carbon or mineral fillers for enhanced dimensional stability, abrasion resistance and physical strength

Fluon+™ PFA EA-2000 resin, which features a built-in functional adhesive group that enables one-step processing with other polymers and metals, and can be used as an additive to improve impact strength, heat resistance and electrical insulation

AFLAS® 400E and 600X FEPM fluoroelastomer grades that provide exceptional high temperature, high pressure performance and chemical resistance to equipment that operates in the most challenging conditions

AFLAS® FFKM series peroxide-curable perfluoroelastomers for fabricating electrical insulation and components that require resistance to ultra-high temperatures and aggressive chemicals

Fluon® ETFE LH-8000 resin, a lower-melting adhesive ETFE that bonds to dissimilar materials, such as polyamides, polyethylenes and metals, in many cases eliminating a tie layer

Fluon® ETFE C88AXMP-HT, an ultra-heat-resistant grade that maintains performance characteristics at temperatures up to 200 °C that is ideal for industrial and automotive wire and cable insulation

Fluon® ETFE film, which can be used as structural materials in architectural facades, release film for electronics fabrication and composite applications, and protective film for signage as well as transfer film for hydrogen production

Fluon® PTFE resins that are inert to most chemicals, heat and weather resistant, have excellent insulation properties and are typically used for stock shapes, wire insulation, coatings and more