April 2024

In the April 2024 Issue:

Styrenic thermoplastic elastomers for efficient foams for the automotive sector
by Nerea Lago Juárez, Lucía Ortega Alvarez and Ana García Henche, Dynasol Group.
Effects of using hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomers (SEBS) to improve the properties of a foamed commodity polypropylene for automotive applications are presented.

Advanced automotive wiper blade testing analysis
by Erick Sharp, Rodney Armstrong and Ashley Timms, ACE Laboratories.
This study evaluates the correlation between the energy consumption of wiper systems and wiper blade performance.

Carbonized soybean hull as a replacement for carbon black in tire sidewalls
by Nicole Hershberger, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory.
Soybean hull has the potential to be a cost effective and sustainable filler that does not impact the human food supply.

Towards zero waste rubber production
by Ben Chouchaoui, Windsor Industrial Development Laboratory.
Non-tire applications and post-industrial scrap generated at manufacturing plants are addressed, and in all cases, equipment and knowhow to treat rubber wastes for usage again towards zero waste rubber manufacturing are provided by the author.

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