ARPM launches virtual training academy

Indianapolis, IN – The Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) has announced the launch of a brand-new Virtual Training Academy. This online training portal provides rubber industry professionals with the core information needed for anyone new to the industry and a refresher for industry veterans.

The 23 training courses were created by industry subject matter experts and provide learners with the introductory information they need to understand the basics of each primary discipline of the rubber industry and what it takes to make a part. The courses are divided into several modules including Non-Molding Operations, Quality in Rubber Manufacturing and Job Setup and Production Flow.

Greg Vassmer, an ARPM Training Academy committee member and industry veteran shared, “ARPM has used its broad base of rubber manufacturers and their expertise to create the industry’s best collection of virtual training modules. There simply is no longer a reason for rubber companies to neglect rubber-specific formal training or have to rely on “on-the-job” training. ARPM’s expert learning system can now be plugged directly into any employee’s development program.”

The Virtual Training Academy is available to any ARPM Member at no additional cost to their annual membership dues, and cannot be found anywhere else in the industry. Once a learner has completed a course in the ARPM Training Academy they will receive a certificate of completion for their accolades. For more information or to view the course catalog, contact the ARPM Staff at