ARPM to honor Marsh Bellofram with its 2023 Safety Award

Newell, WV – U.S.-based manufacturer Marsh Bellofram is being recognized for its commitment to safety in the workplace. The Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) will honor the company at its 2023 Safety Awards by recognizing Marsh Bellofram in its Best Safety Practice category.

The ARPM safety awards recognize companies in the manufacturing industry that have achieved excellent safety techniques that go beyond adherence to regulations. They are based on OSHA 300’s log of work-related injuries and illness statistics and safety best practices.

Marsh Bellofram is a leading global manufacturer with 13 divisions focused on high-performance OEM, industrial, and process control instrumentation as well as elastomers, including diaphragms and specialty silicones.

Marsh Bellofram’s environmental, health, and safety manager, Jonathon Monfredi, said the culture of health, wellness, and protection starts with Marsh Bellofram’s safety committee. The committee begins with a broad, overarching view of operations, seeks to engineer away hazards, and then drills down to daily practices that, when given adjustment or focus, can improve safety.

“Each safety committee member is given a monthly assignment to conduct individual audits in their work area and help with monthly safety initiatives,” said Monfredi. “By conducting focus inspections in each department, we’re able to identify potential safety issues that we otherwise may not have. It has helped improve our overall safety culture.”

With the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that fatal workplace injuries rose nearly 9% between 2020 and 2021, the last year for which there are issued reports, workplace safety remains a concern for all businesses, particularly in manufacturing, where humans and machines often work in close contact. Recognition like this from ARPM is a reward for past accomplishments, but also serves as a reminder to be ever vigilant.

Marsh Bellofram will be recognized on May 25 during ceremonies that are part of ARPM’s Environmental, Health and Safety Summit being held in Columbus, Ohio.